The Mommy Club S2 episode 5 recap: The nannies catch up

19 March 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 5 recap: The nannies catch up

Since the mommies are on a vacation in Magaliesburg, the nannies decided to have a get-together of their own without their bosses around. The meetup was hosted by Shalom, who is Hermajesty’s nanny, and in attendance were all the nannies from Season 1 and the new nannies who joined the group in Season 2.

Shalom also invited Barbra, who is Ratile’s former nanny. Speaking of whether she misses the ladies or not, Barbara said no: “I do not miss anyone because when I am in my situations, I am alone.” 

Barbra then went on to share how she felt alone when she lost her job. “When times are hard, you know, no one calls you, no one even wants to hear whether you are living or not. When you are in a big situation, you are alone. When I lost my job things were tough but I was alone in the situation.”

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Ratile and her husband catch up 

While on the trip, Ratile took some time to give her husband a call to let him know how she is doing. “After a lovely day with the ladies, one thing is for sure: I miss my man. My husband and I actually talk a lot in the day, I can’t even count how many calls, like every little inconvenience,” she shared.

She then went on to speak about the bond she has with her husband. “Talking to him now is making me feel a little bit better, I mean there have been days where I have slept without him being at home and he would be sick in hospital, so I really just appreciate the small things like a call, a smile. I know what life could be if he was not around, he has survived so much.”

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Jabulile Sande and Mrs Mops have a heart-to-heart 

During the mommies’ vacation, Mrs Mops and Jabulile go into the pool to have a heart-to-heart, and during their conversation, Mrs Mops confides in Jabu about her financial situation. “This year has been a very tough year for me, it has been very humbling. I do not know if you saw it on the internet, but I had this situation where my house almost got auctioned.

“We managed to save it, which is great, and you know what I do not like, people on the internet celebrate things like this, when this whole thing happened to me, people were like, oh my gosh, is she still with her husband, is she still married. Like, why would I leave?”

Jabulile agreed that people will always have something to say: “Social media will always be social media, people will always have something to say.”

She then shared that she is happy that Mrs Mops overcame the situation. “I am just happy that you managed to get out of it, I mean, it is not good, things like that affect the whole family.” 

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