The Mommy Club S2 episode 6 recap: How to keep hustling

26 March 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 6 recap: How to keep hustling

In true Mommy Club style, Hermajesty takes her oldest daughter window-shopping for a brand-new car at Mercedes Benz for when she finishes her matric: “Very soon Tisetso will need a car so I am like, lets just go and check what is her appetite so I can probably buy the car for her,” shared Hermajesty. 

The pair, who had a tumultuous relationship in Season 1, have gone to therapy and their relationship is now in a better place. “Me and my daughter have come far with our relationship, it has been so rocky and I am enjoying this smooth sailing kinda relationship,” she added. 

Hermajesty promised to buy her daughter the car if she continues to do well at school and if she also remains disciplined. Speaking of the terms of getting the car, Tisetso shared, “passing yes, I have never disappointed, I have never failed, and the behaving part and respecting her and things like that, yes.”

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Barbra visits Ratile’s home

In the second scene of the show, Barbra visits her former boss Ratile and the two have a heart-to-heart where Ratile asks Barbra to come back to work for her. 

“I have called her in, I have asked her, I’ve begged her to come back because the kids have missed her and we need her at home,” explained Ratile.

Ratile also spoke about parting ways with the nanny that replaced Barbra. “We had Mabotse for a bit, I loved that she was a nanny that spoke Sepedi but unfortunately, we did not start off on the right foot and I really just need Barbra back.”

Speaking about the offer to come back, Barbra shared, “I do not want to come back to the house because it was an unfair dismissal for no reason. How can I come back if they did not tell me my mistakes, did I correct them, did they correct them, did they tell me, no, so I am not going back.”

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Nozipho and Nunurai have a play date

Nozipho and Nunurai meet up to have a play date with their kids and nannies. While the kids are playing with the nannies, the mommies caught up on all things business and Nozipho shared her business venture. 

“The business is called Tiptop Trio, it’s my baby online store, I birthed this idea during the time I had given birth to Bukhosi and I had these three little babies at the same time.”

Nunurai, who has her own business, offered Nozipho some advice on how to keep hustling. “You will get the hang of it, grow the brand and when you know that you have something solid, you can now say, let’s talk numbers.”

She then went on to say, “Everyone that knows me knows that I am all about the business, all about making the money you know, how can I help, how can they help, so I am always pro-business talk.” 

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