The Mommy Club S2 episode 7 recap:  Putting it all on the table

3 April 2024

The Mommy Club S2 episode 7 recap: Putting it all on the table

In the first scene of The Mommy Club episode 7, Nunurai visits her bestie Ratile and the two mommies have a catch-up session about all the things that have been going on in their lives. After exchanging pleasantries, Ratile informs Nunurai about a birthday party she wants to throw for herself.

“I am thinking of hosting a little something with the ladies, like a birthday dinner. I am going away for my birthday so I thought maybe I could have a pre-birthday celebration before I go away with my husband,” explained Ratile. 

Ratile also bounces off the idea of inviting husbands to her party and Nunurai is not on board with that.

“I don’t know the ladies enough to be comfortable to bring my husband around them, not in a bad way but I feel like we are not that close,” said Nunurai.

Ratile also hired Nunurai to assist her with planning the party.

Nozipho apologises to Ratile

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In episode 5, Nozipho comments on Ratile’s marriage and the cheating allegations that were circulating online and Ratile takes offence. Fast forward to episode 7, Ratile confronts her about it at a lunch date, “I was like, I am starting to get to know you and the next thing you are on top of me. I was so offended,” she explained.

Nozipho quickly apologised for her comments, ‘It was uncalled for, I do not know you that well for me to be making these statements, my sister and I laugh over these things because if you don’t, you are going to die.”

“I like the fact that she is here, she is apologising, she’s not being defensive, she’s not even giving excuses. I really appreciate that about her, it means a lot, it tells me what kind of person she is and I really do take her apology and I have different thoughts on the kind of lady I thought she was,” added Ratile.

Nozipho opens up about her marriage woes

The Mommy Club S2 on Showmax

“What we are currently facing in our marriage is a bit complicated because the plan has changed, the plan has changed and I find that the plan has changed only to bring me pain and to bring my kids pain, so I am not happy with the plan, I don’t like the plan and I don’t think its fair. Because what am I going to do? You spend 17 years building with someone, you spend the rest of your life planning and then suddenly out of nowhere, the plan changes.”

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