The Mommy Club Season 2 Episode 11 recap: Cutting through

30 April 2024

The Mommy Club Season 2 Episode 11 recap: Cutting through

Episode 11 of The Mommy Club started with all things family. The mommies and their children got together for a family fun day where they played games and got involved in activities that challenged them and brought them closer together. 

Hosted by Nozipho, the mommies brought most of their children, from the youngest to the oldest, for a fun day under the sun. 

After the games, Mrs Mops took Hermajesty aside to give her an update on the conversation she had with Nozipho on last week’s episode when Nozipho confided in her about her husband wanting to take a second wife and what that has done to their family. 

“Remember the conversation we had the other day? I actually followed through with the idea of us talking to Nozi. I asked her what’s happening and she actually opened up. It is bad. When she told me what happened, I could not believe it,” Mrs Mops said.

She then went on to add, “What is currently happening is that her husband has left her for another woman, and left her with eight kids.”

Hermajesty expressed how she feels bad for Nozipho and the situation she is currently in, “I definitely feel sad for Nozipho, after so many years building a home and now this is where she is at, it is very painful,” explained Hermajesty. 

Mrs Mops and Hermajesty on The Mommy Club S2 on Showmax

In a different scene, the ladies drive off to the Vaal. However, they all did not travel in the same car as planned. In one car was Hermajesty, Mrs Mops and Nozipho, and in the other car was Mrs Sande, Nunurai and Ratile. 

After arriving and refreshing, the ladies got together for a dinner date and things quickly got heated between Hermajesty and Ratile. 

As Hermajesty was complimenting Mrs Mops, Ratile interjected and that turned into a back and forth between the two ladies, who have not seen eye to eye since Season One. Ratile accused Hermajesty of kissing Mrs Mops’ behind because Mrs Mops did not show up to one of Hermajesty’s events. 

“I was talking to Mrs Mops and she interfered. Because it’s me, you want to interfere,” explained Hermajesty. 

Ratile then walked away from the conversation. “I am getting up, I am actually feeling like if I need to talk to her, I need to swear back or I need to give her the energy she is giving me, I unfortunately do not have that bone in me, so I am going to be the lady that I’ve always been and walk away,” said Ratile.

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