The Queen: An explosive death at a funeral

By Xabiso Ngqabe17 August 2020

The Queen: An explosive death at a funeral

The Queen is notorious for showcasing shocking plot twists, especially when there is a big event that is about to take place. For example, weddings in this telenovela hardly end up in happiness and laughter. If anything, you can be assured that a wedding on The Queen will always end up in tears and death – remember Shaka and Mmabatho’s wedding that ended in an explosion? Or how about Kagiso and Siyanda’s wedding which also ended in drama?

The same applies to funerals. We clearly remember the drama that occurred at Shaka’s funeral and the police raid at Gracious’s funeral. So when Jerry Maake’s funeral took place, we knew that his send-off would not be a peaceful one.

Kea’s explosive departure

The Khoza family dressed up and went to pay their last respect to Jerry Maake and what occurred when they arrived at the funeral left us reeling in shock.

While Colonel Hector delivered his last words about the late Jerry Maake, a car exploded amid his speech. The hit on Harriet was, of course, ordered by him and carried out by Jaros. But once again, Harriet has managed to survive, as the hit killed her daughter, Kea. Jaros makes yet another mistake that costs an innocent life.

Harriet blamed herself for what happened and so too did Hector.

“My fight is with Harriet, not her children,” said Hector after realising he had killed the wrong person. How many lives will Hector and Jaros take while trying to get through to their real enemy, Harriet? And how will this murder backfire on them in the future?

Vuyiswa lost her partner in crime

Vuyiswa (played by Zandile Msutwana) cried her heart out while trying to come to terms with the fact that Jerry is no more. She also endured the ill-treatment that widows often get from their husbands’ families when mourning their loved ones. This hit Vuyiswa hard and viewers shared how much they relate to Vuyiswa’s situation.

Zandile Msutwana’s performance was so compelling.

As if mourning her husband weren’t enough, Hector and Jaros want to pin Kea’s death on Vuyiswa.

While trying to plant the bomb at the Maake house, Jaros was caught by Vuyiswa. The widow wasted no time and shot at Jaros as he fled the scene. The second time around, he managed to plant the bomb successfully and was almost caught. Will Vuyiswa take the fall for a murder she didn’t commit?

Shaka makes matters worse

Harriet was going through the most after losing her daughter. She blamed herself for asking Kea to come back home. What baffled her and the family is that they did not know who their enemy was.

Shaka took matters into his own hands and dragged Dollar all the way to the Sithole’s in search of the truth. He shot Dollar in the leg as a warning for him to co-operate. Little did he know that he had shot the wrong person, as Dollar had nothing to do with Kea’s death.

It seems that the Khozas are finding it difficult to deal with the most devastating death that has hit their family since Mzi.

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