The Queen: Kagiso is about to be a father…of two?

25 May 2020

The Queen: Kagiso is about to be a father…of two?

Harriet and the Khoza family clinched a new exclusive distribution deal from the Columbians, and to celebrate, she threw a party. One of the guests at the party was Goodness, who now has a business association with the Khoza family. It was a no-brainer for her to attend the party, considering she is now their business partner – despite her hostile history with the Khoza family

The party was going well till Kagiso shared a kiss with Goodness in front of Harriet and Brutus. Harriet, who’s been irritated by Kagiso’s decisions and disappearing acts, was not impressed.

Siyanda stirs up more drama

When they thought they’ve had enough of shocking reveals for the day, Siyanda shows up, unaware she was dumped by Kagiso. Goodness left immediately while Kagiso and Siyanda engaged in a heated argument.

Siyanda’s reason for gate-crashing the party was that she wanted to explain to Kagiso why she was discharged so early from rehab.

On the other hand, Kagiso wants to remind her that they broke up and that she shouldn’t arrive unannounced. In the same breath, he doesn’t want to be insensitive towards her, considering she’s still recovering from her drug addiction.

In true Kagiso style, he manages to calmly lead Siyanda out, only to find that Goodness is gone.

Talk about a man who has a lot on his hands, how will Kagiso come out of this one?

Schumacher cautions Buntu on his toxic masculinity and schools him on manhood

Since Buntu’s arrival, there has been a lot of tension between him and his brother. This stems from the abusive environment they grew up in, thanks to their toxic father.

Schumacher’s sexuality hasn’t settled well with Buntu and since finding out, the younger brother has gone on a smear campaign against big brother. Schumacher has been the victim of Buntu’s homophobic slurs for far too long, so he eventually decided to teach little brother a thing or two about being a real man.

Viewers commended Schumacher for the way he handled Buntu’s behaviour.

Will it be Goodness or Siyanda?

After the drama that unfolded at the Khoza party Goodness wasn’t happy with Kagiso. This is after Goodness finally uttered the three magical words to Kagiso: “I love you”. At this moment, Kagiso knew he had to do something to prove to Goodness that things between him and Siyanda are over.

He put Goodness on a call while meeting with Siyanda so that she could hear the conversation between the two of them as a reassurance to Goodness. When Siyanda found out the reason why she was dumped and who she was dumped for, she lost it in front of the entire Khoza family.

We also learned that both Goodness and Siyanda are pregnant. Petronella found two positive home pregnancy tests while cleaning the Mabuza house, and Dr Malole confirmed that Siyanda is indeed pregnant. Twitter couldn’t wait to celebrate Kagiso after a double dose of great news which he is soon to find out about.

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