The Queen S1-6
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1 July 2022

The Queen S1-6

After experiencing a tumultuous third season that saw the Khozas clash with the law and almost having their empire toppled, the family is slowly but surely getting back on their feet again.

However, the Khozas’ victory celebration may be short-lived as Harriet’s decision to leave Brutus and Shaka in prison may cost the entire family more than they ever expected.

The Maake family, on the other hand, is going through a difficult time ever since Jerry was diagnosed with prostate cancer. His near-death experience in the last episode of the third season is a testament of Jerry’s fighting spirit. But, will the rest of the family be capable of handling all the emotional and physical strain that will come with taking care of a sickly man who has always been the family’s pillar of strength?

Will Harriet find a way to win back Shaka and Brutus’ trust after leaving them to rot in jail?

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