The Queen: Shaka’s vengeance shakes up the Khoza household

By Xabiso Ngqabe29 June 2020

The Queen: Shaka’s vengeance shakes up the Khoza household

It’s been two weeks since Shaka came back from the dead and he’s been causing a serious amount of drama.

The two cousins Kagiso and Dingane are trying their best to talk their way out of this situation and to apologise for trying to kill Shaka. How the tables have turned – the accomplices find themselves at Shaka’s mercy, and it looks like they might not get out of this mess alive.

Not only did Shaka rat them out to Harriet and Brutus for trying to kill him, but he also wants them six feet underground.

A furious Brutus shoots at Kagiso, and Harriet disowns both of them from the Khoza family.

But Shaka is still out for blood. He takes matters into his own hands and tortures his brother and cousin.

While still torturing them, Shaka lies and tells Harriet and Brutus that he’s killed Dingane and Kagiso.

Meanwhile, the cousins are not dead but in a critical condition in hospital after Shaka dropped them off there. It’s evident that Shaka doesn’t want to kill them yet, but still wants to inflict a lot of fear and pain.

The mystery behind Shaka’s resurrection

There was already too much going on at the Khoza house, thanks to Kagiso’s marriage mystery that kept the family on their toes. So then, what the hell happened to Shaka while we all thought he was dead?

We thought Dingane set Shaka’s lifeless body alight, but that was not the case. A series of flashbacks shows us that Shaka did not get burnt in that van. He pleaded with Skhova, who had been sent by Dingane to finish the job and Skhova spared his life. No one knew that Shaka was alive except his uncle, Shibase.

He asked Shibase for money so that he could pay Skhova to shut his mouth while he lay low. They looked for a body similar to Shaka’s so that the Khozas could proceed with the funeral while Shaka figured out a way to get his revenge.

Thato is in the mix with mother and daughter

We thought it was just Schumacher who was attracted to older, married women. But Thato also has a similar interest.

Thato is whipped over Mildred and ends up in her bedroom. Unfortunately, he overhears Mildred telling someone that Thato does not satisfy her enough between the sheets.

While he still figures out how to manoeuvre his way around this situation, a stranger shows up at his place of work and he falls for her immediately.

It’s all fun and games until we learn that in actual fact the girl who has caught Thato’s attention is Warona, Mildred’s daughter. This is one seriously awkward love triangle.

We can’t wait to see Mildred’s face when she finds out who her daughter has been messing around with.

The Queen S4 airs every week on Mzansi Magic at 21:00 and express to Showmax.

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