The Queen: Will Kagiso kill Shaka and Brutus?

10 September 2019

The Queen: Will Kagiso kill Shaka and Brutus?

It’s payback time! Kagiso’s decision to deal with Shaka and Brutus has viewers’ tongues wagging. The episode, which everyone is still talking about, was so epic that fans went from calling Kagiso a soldier, to a hero and even a nightmare.

Kagiso is out for blood

In case you’ve forgotten, Brutus and Shaka planted a bomb in Harriet’s car a few weeks ago. However, instead of Harriet, it was Kagiso who got bombed and he ended up losing his eyesight. He’s been working hard trying to figure out who was behind the incident and he finally knows the truth.

To make sure that his plan worked, Kagiso tricked Brutus and Shaka into meeting up with him because he “missed having the guys around”.

They fell right into his trap and decided to see him. They met at a location, and he got into the car Shaka was driving. Kagiso played it cool and pretended that he was still blind so that they wouldn’t get suspicious. Brutus, who also thinks he’s still blind, pointed a gun at Kagiso but didn’t pull the trigger. Kagiso stayed calm through it all and when he got the chance, he pulled out a syringe and injected both of them. They immediately lost consciousness, and Kagiso took them to a warehouse where he tied them up and tortured them.

Brutus and Shaka tortured

It was clear that Kagiso’s intention was to get rid of Brutus and Shaka, and he wasn’t even bothered by their screams. He told them, in detail, about how he was going to pull their fingernails out. Basically, Kagiso came prepared.

What he didn’t anticipate, though, was his family walking in and disrupting his plan. Harriet, Kea, Zodwa and Mmabatho walked in and begged him to stop what he was doing. This angered Kagiso because he was close to fulfilling his plan. He told them about how Brutus and Shaka were planning to kill Harriet, and that Zodwa, who is Shaka’s mother, was also in on the plan. Kagiso then asked his mother to let him finish what he came to do.

Viewers were pleased with Kagiso’s performance and gave him props.

Are Kagiso’s actions justified? Well, you can be the judge of that. Make sure you don’t miss any of the action by watching The Queen right here on Showmax.

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