The Queen’s Brutus and Shaka – the ultimate uncle and nephew duo

By Xabiso Ngqabe21 August 2020

The Queen’s Brutus and Shaka – the ultimate uncle and nephew duo

Having an impeccable cast is one of many things that contribute to the success of a show. But having amazing chemistry between actors is the cherry on top.

Whether it’s their comedic moments or their emotional scenes, Brutus and Shaka will go down as the ultimate dynamic duo in South African television. Together, they have been through it all but they always have each other’s back.

Loyalty is everything

When Jerry Maake followed the Khoza and Mabuza families to Durban, he caught them red-handed at the airport with bags full of cocaine. This lead to the Khozas’ arrest. Harriet came up with a plan to get herself and her children out of jail. Brutus and Shaka, on the other hand, were left behind bars.

They were beaten and bullied by other inmates. Even when Jerry offered them a deal to rat out Harriet, they remained loyal and didn’t sell her out. Jerry knew that for his trick to work he’d have to separate Brutus from Shaka because the two are always stronger together.

Ride or die partners

People from Tembisa went after Shaka and Brutus after it was discovered that it was their family business that supplied drugs that killed 10 youths in their community. The community was hungry for blood and justice, so they took their anger to the streets.

The uncle and his nephew were found hiding in a shack and the mob was out for blood. Even though Shaka tried to put his fighting skills to work, he just couldn’t handle so many furious residents. In the end, they were both beaten to a pulp and could no longer fight back.

Back from the dead

Shaka was inconsolable after it was reported that Brutus died in a boat explosion that occurred at Shaka’s wedding.

The viewers couldn’t take the thought of not seeing Brutus on their screens any more. Brutus’s death was mourned all over social media, viewers threatened to boycott the show unless he returned.

In true Brutus style, the uncle returned from the dead and made a grand entrance at his own funeral. His bond with Shaka became stronger after his return from the dead.

Shaka also made his grand return after he was reported dead. The viewers even sent the producers a petition to get the character back on our screens again. There was again a moment between Brutus and Shaka when the whole family came to terms with the fact that Shaka is still alive.

This partnership can be torture

Brutus and Shaka once planted a bomb in Harriet’s car. Unfortunately, the bomb detonated while Kagiso was in the car, and Kagiso ended up losing his eyesight. After finding out that it was his brother and uncle who planted the bomb, he decided to teach them a lesson they would never forget. Kagiso took his uncle and brother to a warehouse where he tied them up and tortured them for hours.

The torture was a shock to the system not only for Shaka and Brutus but for the viewers as well. However, even when certain circumstances attempt to turn them against each other, Shaka and Uncle Brutus’s relationship always remains intact. 

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