21 April 2023

The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 10 recap: “Everything about you is fake”

The OJ Posharella arc continues. She is the main character in this episode of The Real Housewives of Abuja. The Lagos trip is her idea, but she hasn’t joined the ladies in the city of excellence. Samantha and Princess have joined Arafa and Tutu, who arrived in Lagos the previous day. They are eating, and unsurprisingly, Tutu is not pleased with the food and Arafa is throwing shades at Princess Jecoco.

“Some people are going for everything because they like everything, for example, Princess,” Arafa teases. “Taste here, taste there. Ahn ahn, calm down.”

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It is all banter, though, the type of jokes you crack with friends. Later, they visit Upbeat to be kids again, jumping up and down the bouncy floors like teenagers. But still, OJ is missing in action, so Princess calls her. She has a few problems with some of her plans and sounds stressed.

When she finally arrives, she hosts the ladies to a 90s party, and they come through with their best 90s fashion; however, the music being played is 2000s.

OJ’s $26k diamonds

OJ uses the party to relaunch one of her businesses. She shows her jewellery line to the ladies and even adorns Princess’s fingers with a ring made of diamond and gold, but the ladies don’t think her products are authentic. The price of the ring made the ladies more doubtful; Princess says it is $26,000.

“Well, I know diamonds are expensive, but I can’t clearly say if they were diamonds or not,” Samantha says. Princess provides a more logical observation: “If one [ring] inside this box of so many things is $26,000, you should be walking with Mopol or something.”

Arafa apologises to Princess

It seems Arafa is trying to settle her beefs. She and Tutu settled in the last episode and now she is apologising to Princess about their previous altercation. “I haven’t formally given you an apology for what I said at the drag party,” she admits. “Basically, stating that you looked older than all of us. It was wrong, and I apologise for that.”

Princess appreciates this apology but still has time to notice Comfort isn’t happy about the apology. It seems true because Comfort, too, wants an apology.

Trip to an African shrine

You can’t plan a trip to Lagos and not visit Fela’s African Shrine. Their visit to the Shrine was so much fun. They danced on stage with the pros and learned a thing or two about dancing to Fela’s Afrobeat. Princess and Arafa, in particular, were throwing it down!

“Oh my God, those Fela girls can move. We did our thing, and it was such a fun time,” OJ comments.

The following day, they joined the legendary Femi Kuti on stage as he performed and even danced and took pictures with him.

Arafa takes OJ to Obi Asika

Arafa does OJ a big favour in this episode. She takes her to Obi Asika, the music executive responsible for superstars Naeto C, Sasha P and Ikechukwu. Apparently, they had met before.

“Obi and I have history,” OJ says. “Back in 2007, 15 years ago, Senator Gbemi Saraki introduced me to Obi. Today, again, I am meeting with Obi and we are discussing my new single, Power Woman.”

Obi likes the song. He also appreciates that the sound is trendy and that OJ could sing. “First of all, well done,” Obi says. “Whoever produced it put you right in the mix of what’s current. So, you’ve got those Amapiano rhythms and drums, and you can sing and being able to sing is a big advantage.”

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