The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 3 recap: Tutupie’s staycation and a chaotic Jaruma

3 March 2023

The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 3 recap: Tutupie’s staycation and a chaotic Jaruma

In The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 3, our girl Tutupie is hosting the women this time. It is a staycation in a fancy hotel with a resort vibe. The ladies are excited, and the only potential headache is that Tutu wants some of the ladies to share rooms as punishment for coming late.

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“We are grown-ass women; we need our privacy. If you are going to treat us, treat us well,” Princess laments, and she does have a point.

However, Tutupie has other reasons for choosing to do this. “I am trying to get some of the ladies to share a room, [but] only because I want everyone to just interact in personal spaces,” she explains. “I get it, you’re adults. I get it, you don’t know each other like that, but it would be nice to be in your space, so we figure out the dirty ones, spiritual ones, weird ones. The ones that don’t have faces without makeup.”

Wow! Tutu with the shades! She is definitely trying to start things.

Samantha and OJ Posharella arrive late

While the other ladies checked out their rooms, Samantha welcomed OJ into her house. We sha got a glimpse of Samantha’s walk-in closets and wow! Well, let’s just say Abuja women have money.

Anyways, they came late and must share a room. As sweet girls and besties, they took the news well. No stress, no drama.

Tutupie doesn’t like her room

The host doesn’t like her room and is complaining. According to Samantha, Tutu stepped into Princess’s room and came out hating hers. “I am moving. I am packing out of this room,” Tutu tells us. But as the host, didn’t she pick the room? It is confusing.

“It is a bit odd, given the fact that she is the hostess,” Comfort wonders. “I’m assuming she did a recon on the rooms before she gave them out. If that’s the case, why does she have a problem with the room that she’s in.”

Is she attention-seeking or just being dramatic?

“I’m flipping because my room is really nothing to write home about as the host,” she explains. “It is getting to me; it is making me feel disrespected because how the hell am I even here.” 

Jaruma’s chaotic cameo

The staycation’s main event is a lingerie party, and the women showed out and showed off except OJ Posharella, who is rocking pajamas. “Oh no! What the hell is she wearing?” Arafa asks.

“I don’t like to expose my goodies goodies. I got goodies goodies, but I keep it on lock,” she replies.

The party starts when aphrodisiac connoisseur Jaruma joins the ladies for a sex therapy session. Tutupie wants the women to learn a few things about getting down, but they all don’t seem eager. Anyway, the session doesn’t go as planned as they give Jaruma cold shoulders and she engages in a war of words with Princess.

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