The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 4 recap: “Where did she find these young geese?”

10 March 2023

The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 4 recap: “Where did she find these young geese?”

In The Real Housewives of Abuja episode 4, after partying at Tutu Pie’s staycation, the ladies are not up for an early morning. “I don’t want to stand up from this bed because I haven’t had enough sleep,” Princess says. Not Tutu, though. Our girl is up and ready for a yoga session. Arafat and Comfort join her.

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After the session, they discuss the events of last night, especially Jaruma’s cameo and her argument with Princess. The ladies are angry she left without informing anyone after asking to be respected. Princess even feels she was gentle on her and wishes she had given her more gbas gbos.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Tutu is treating the girls to brunch today, and trust Abuja babes to arrive in grand style. Princess’s outfit even matches the décor. And trust Tutu to give a lit review.

Tutupie in RHOAbuja episode 4

“The ladies are looking glam,” she starts her praise. “Princess’s outfit is giving. Comfort is giving the party queen …  but Princess says she looks like Mummy GO.”

From the brunch, the party and drama start. Let’s get into it.

Tutu Pie opens up about being abused

Tutu wants the women to get more personal to build more intimate bonds. She goes first by explaining and apologising for her tantrums (Arafa adds shades), saying they are from a good place but also a defence mechanism because she was in an abusive relationship.

“I am always on defence,” she explains. “So, sometimes you can just excuse me when I’m like too much because I took a lot before I finally retaliated. So, I’m always going to be like this; I guess I have more healing to do.”

The ladies are receptive and empathetic towards her; you sometimes get the feeling they see Tutu as a younger sis they want to protect. “To be honest, Tutu speaking about her relationship gives me a little insight as to why she behaves this way,” Arafa comments. “But I don’t think you should allow your past to define your future.”

Comfort is our Mummy GO

These women keep trying to box Comfort. They get surprised and make snide comments whenever she wears a sexy outfit that shows some skin because they assume she is supposed to be the group’s Mummy GO. At Tutu’s pool party, Princess just won’t stop. She keeps shouting as she sees Comfort vibing and drinking.

“I am tired of this idea that I am a nun,” Comfort complains. “I don’t know what gives these women the impression … to the point that Princess called me Mummy GO.”

Interestingly, only Comfort is trying to dance and move her body. However, when Tutu’s young guests come around, all of them, especially Princess, start acting like Mummy GO. Samantha, though, is going with the flow.

The young geezers

Tutu is a party girl who won’t tolerate a boring party. She introduces young bloods into the mix, and the housewives’ reactions are hilarious.

“What is going on here? I better sit my old ass down,” the bubbly OJ Posharella says when she jams the real bubbly folks. Princess and Arafat wonder where Tutu found these young people, but trust Comfort to kill us with her comment.

“The guests that were hyped turned out to be my children,” she says. Area mother, please!

“Can you see the difference now?” an excited Tutu asks. “My young friends came, and I was lit lit. When I was sitting with these women, it was getting boring. So, when people ask me why I like to fuck with these young people, this is the reason! I want to have fun, and I prefer to hang with people that give me the same energy.”

We feel you, baby girl. Go on and have your fun. Watch more The Real Housewives of Abuja episodes on Showmax.

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