The Real Housewives of Durban confront each other at part one of the reunion

By Zimkhitha30 April 2021

The Real Housewives of Durban confront each other at part one of the reunion

The ladies, dressed in fabulous white ensembles, gathered for an epic instalment hosted by radio and TV broadcaster, Phat Joe. While reunions are not to be missed, Kgomotso unfortunately couldn’t make it due to personal reasons.

Things got off to a good start as they reflected on the first season and shared their thoughts about being part of the show. Joe turned the heat up a notch and asked about some of those controversial moments.

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Did Ayanda and Nonku know each other before the show?

He brought up the first time Ayanda and Nonku came face-to-face at Sorisha’s soiree. So, did Ayanda really not know who Nonku was or was she just pretending?

Ayanda explained that she received a call from Nonku when Nonku was six months pregnant and added: “I knew her, but we’d never met. Honestly, she’s here she can tell you. We had never met before.” Nonku corroborated Ayanda’s story but shared that she was surprised when Ayanda acted as if she didn’t know her that evening.

“So, when I said to you ‘do you know me, don’t you know me?’ I honestly did not expect you to say, ‘Girl, am I supposed to know you?’ I was never prepared for that response,” Nonku said.

Mabusi and Nonku’s friendship is not real

If you’ve been following the entire season, you’ll also remember that Mabusi and Nonku also experienced their fair share of drama. While Mabusi was under the impression that she’s Nonku’s friend, it seems like this is only a one-sided affair.

Nonku straight up told everyone at the reunion that she and Mabusi aren’t friends. Mabusi was obviously shocked, but not surprised. She then took Nonku down memory lane and reminded her that they even have mutual friends. Nonku, however, has no recollection of Mabusi. Is it weird that Mabusi even remembers the first time she laid eyes on Nonku?

“When I first met her I was still a student working part time at the Virgin Active. I would see her in town with her boyfriend and we’d stop and have a chat. I was surprised, I remember. God is my witness,” Mabusi told Joe. Is it possible that Mabusi is confusing Nonku with someone else? This is all very weird because Nonku is the one who introduced Mabusi to the ladies.

Why LaConco doesn’t talk about her love life

Things then moved from Mabusi and Nonku’s non-existent friendship to LaConco’s love life. Why doesn’t she want to talk about the man in her life? Well, firstly, LaConco addressed this by saying: “I’m not dealing with some Bheki or John from next door.” She told Nonku that she didn’t appreciate her remarks about the man in her life when they first met on the show.

“I don’t think you can take a matter of a former president – whatever issue or whatever curiosities you have and put it on camera – especially that type of person that you would know as a KZN girl how much controversy there is surrounding him in the media.”

“For me as a woman I did feel like you did throw me under the bus, including Ayanda’s comments on diaries, because anything I say or if I keep quiet, you know it’s gonna hit the headlines.”

LaConco then moved on to Ayanda’s question about whether she would have dated Duduzane Zuma if she had met him first. She explained that she was very disappointed by the question. “Watching that, I cringed that out of all these ladies, you know the sensitivity of that family but you had the audacity to whisper that to Sorisha. And you know how I feel in protecting that name. I don’t speak just anyhow about it.”

Both Ayanda and Sorisha apologised and told LaConco that it was just a game and that they didn’t mean to offend her.

If you thought part 1 of the reunion was hot then you better get ready for more heat on part two, coming soon.

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