The Real Housewives of Durban S3: Jojo is in her soft girl era

By Zimkhitha24 February 2023

The Real Housewives of Durban S3: Jojo is in her soft girl era

If you were expecting to see a calmer Jojo on Season 3 of the Real Housewives of Durban, then you will be disappointed. While she was hoping to be more chilled this time around, the self-proclaimed “shopaholic” is bringing more heat that will definitely get tongues wagging. 

During our interview, she shared: “I feel like my life in general is just more extra this time around, I don’t know why.” Jojo is in a season of newness and is living her best life. “We’ve got a new cast; we’ve got major alterations on the house. I feel like we’re living the soft life on like, times ten.” 

When asked what viewers can expect from her this season, she said: “We’re just gotten a lot extra even though I try to be more calm and relaxed in some situations, it doesn’t always work but we try.” Is she willing to accommodate the new cast members? Well, it seems like to she’s open to that. Her favourite part of the show has been meeting the new housewives. 

She said she’s enjoyed spending time with them and learning their characters. Jojo is also open to forming new relationships and bonds, while solidifying old ones. In case the new ladies want to learn anything from Jojo, she has some advice for them. “Hold tight. I hope you’re ready.” 

She added: “This group can be a lot of drama, but we can be a lot of fun and filled with a lot of love.” Jojo advised the ladies to come with good attitude because that would make everyone love them. “But if you don’t, everyone will make sure that you know that you are not acting right,” she said. 

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