The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Burying the hatchet

By Zimkitha23 February 2024

The Real Housewives of Durban S4: Burying the hatchet

This new season of The Real Housewives of Durban is giving healing, reconciliation and moving forward and we’re here for it! After going through a rocky patch last season, some of the ladies decided to let go of the past and give their friendship another chance. 

The first conversation was between Nonku and Sorisha. The cast members were tired of the tension in their group and wanted to resolve things. During their sit-down, Nonku told Sorisha: “I’m so happy we are at this point where we’ve forgiven each other, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten. We’re human, let’s just be honest.” 

Taking accountability

She mentioned that she’s taken accountability for all the wrongs she’s done in the past year and wanted to know what exactly Sorisha was sorry for. She asked her: “Why defend Slee over me? I’ve known you longer. Why didn’t you fight harder? Why didn’t you just maybe take me on the side and find out ‘Nonks, what is happening?’”

Sorisha explained that she had called Nonku a few times, but Nonku thought she was being set up. “I feel we both need to be accountable, and I think Nonku’s accountability comes with just the way she discarded me. She was just happy to drop our friendship,” Sorisha mentioned. 

Nonku in The Real Housewives of Durban S4

Sorisha admitted that she did a lot that was incorrect and decided to release it all and just bring it back to friendship. “My relationship with you and Jojo is just as important as any other relationship that I’ve fostered in my life. I did my trigger work and why I was feeling the way I was feeling between you and Jojo.” She apologised for the part she played in the demise of their friendship. 

What made the wheels fall off? 

Meanwhile, Maria and Jojo had their own heart to heart, which led to a reconciliation.  

Jojo and Maria in The Real Housewives of Durban S4

During their chat, Maria told Jojo: “I can’t pinpoint what happened. Like, I can’t say ‘I did this to Jojo’ or ‘Jojo did this to me’. What made the wheels fall of for you?” Jojo responded: “I trusted you and I liked you so much. And I felt like I brought you into my friendship group and unfortunately, you were very good friends with Sane.” Jojo believes that Sane is one of the reasons why her friendship was torn apart. 

Maria told Jojo that Sane was saying things to the group and manipulated their thought process. “The way Nonku was behaving was sometimes the way you [Jojo] behaved and kind of correlated with what she was saying. The problem that I had was Nonku just started saying things about the other ladies. I do not remember me calling Nonku a weed.” 

Moving forward

Maria explained that she remembers saying there was a weed in the group, which led to the assumption that it could either be Jojo or Nonku. The two Housewives also addressed Maria calling Nonku “trash”, which, according to Jojo, wasn’t right. “I think you and I got to a state in our conversation where I was very upset, and I will apologise to Nonku when I get a chance.” She said she’s not ready for the conversation with Ruan. “I don’t know what I did to him… Ruan and I have history. I chose to love him. And for him to consciously decide that he was going to hurt me…” 

Jojo didn’t want to get too involved in Maria and Ruan’s fallout and told her: “I want to move forward. I own up to my things and I am sorry. I really hope that we can move forward.” The ladies missed each other and are now in a better place.  

Maria in The Real Housewives of Durban S4

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