The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 episode 5: Does LaConco have a problem with MaKhumalo?

By Zimkhitha25 February 2022

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 episode 5: Does LaConco have a problem with MaKhumalo?

Let’s face it, whenever there’s a group of friends, there’s bound to be one or two people who don’t get along. Not everyone is going to like you and that’s perfectly normal. But what happens when someone doesn’t quite feel you and you don’t really know what the problem is? Well, that’s what we’re still trying to figure out in LaConco and MaKhumalo’s case.

Do we smell beef?

We’re definitely picking up a vibe between LaConco and MaKhumalo in The Real Housewives of Durban Season 2 episode 5, and it’s not the first time. We’re not saying there’s beef, but there’s something going on. When MaKhumalo was first introduced to the show about two weeks ago, it was revealed that she and LaConco had met before. They know each other because LaConco is a friend of one of Mseleku’s many wives.

During MaKhumalo’s black-tie dinner, LaConco couldn’t hide the fact that she was underwhelmed. We get that MaKhumalo made her guests wait for a long time before finally showing up to her own dinner party. But some of LaConco’s comments about her were a bit on the shady side. The shade continued on this week’s episode while they were at Sorisha’s Halloween event.

An unimpressed LaConco

Too much shade

The ladies showed up in different costumes to honour the dress code and as soon as MaKhumalo walked in, LaConco, who was dressed up as some sort of witch or devil, said: “I don’t know who Thobile is. What are themes for? We honoured the black tie.” According to her, MaKhumalo didn’t understand the assignment.

Later that evening LaConco made another snarky remark. This time, she fired shots at MaKhumalo and Kgomotso (a former cast member). She said: “Thobile and Kgomotso, I’ve never seen people who feel out of place like those two. It’s like they are so lost.”

It turns out, MaKhumalo wasn’t as lost as some might have thought. She was just feeling a bit under the weather and unfortunately had to leave earlier than anticipated. “I don’t know if I’m the only one who feels cold, or might be coming down with a cold,” she said before leaving. And guess who had something to say about that too? Yep, LaConco. She made it clear that she hadn’t noticed that MaKhumalo had left. “When did she leave? I was not aware.” Err… how do you not see that someone has left in a house that doesn’t even have more than ten people? LaConco is on a roll with the shade!

Does Nonku need an intervention?

While LaConco was dishing out shade, Nonku was clearly popping bottles because by the end of the night, she was happier and chattier than some of the ladies. In fact, Sorisha picked up that her fellow castmate might have had one too many. “Whatever Nonku is drinking tonight, we should make it a rule not to give her anything.” Londie added: “It’s a party and Nonku is drunk as per usual. Nonku, are you gonna be drunk at every party?”

Did Londie just say that?

By the look of things, the wives are a bit concerned about her drinking. The great thing about having a circle of friends is that they will tell you when you’ve taken things a bit too far and that’s exactly what we’re looking forward to seeing on the next episode of the hit reality show. Nonku will be confronted or rather, questioned about her drinking and we have a feeling that she won’t like this mini intervention. So much drama, so little time!

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