The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3 Reunion Part 1

By Zimkhitha10 May 2023

The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3 Reunion Part 1

The highly anticipated The Real Housewives of Durban Season 3 Reunion kicked off with a bang. Slee, Nonku, Maria, Sorisha, Annie and Jojo, who have been nothing but entertaining on the third season of the hit Showmax reality show, came prepared and gave the people what they wanted! 

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The first part of the reunion was hosted by media personality Mablerh, who asked all the right questions and made sure that the ladies took accountability for some of their actions this season. A lot was addressed, including new and old friendships, broken relationships and body shaming. There was laughter, tears and a whole lot of tension. Let’s catch you up.

Slee explains why she left her children 

Slee on The Real Housewives of Durban S3 reunion

Mablerh questioned Slee about motherhood and brought up some comments from social media of people accusing Slee of “choosing a man over her kids”. The mother of two, who had to live without her kids for some time, explained that that was caused by her divorce.

“My children were living with me and their father and when we went through a divorce I couldn’t have uprooted my kids from the norm. They were already going through so much so I had to sacrifice and allow their dad to stay with them because it’s their home, their friends and everything,” she said. 

She shared that when she said she was away from her kids, she meant that she wasn’t able to take them to school every day or be present for recitals. “I’d see them every other weekend… I was a present mom but not in the way I wanted to and how they would have wanted me.” 

Nonku and RD have called it quits 

Nonku on The Real Housewives of Durban S3 reunion

Remember how in love Nonku was with her man, RD? Their relationship was so serious that conversations about marriage came up. However, that’s all ended and Nonku is evidently not in a good space. When questioned about RD’s whereabouts, Nonku told Mablerh: “I don’t know.” The host told Nonku that he had heard about their engagement. “Uhm… I’m afraid I can’t answer any of the questions about him,” Nonku said. 

Responding to rumours about being scammed by her ex-lover, she revealed: “It’s a legal matter and so at this point I can’t say anything.” 

Mablerh mentioned that there were people who had concerns about the relationship because of RD’s past. But Nonku made it clear that she gave the man a chance because he was open about his history. “From the very beginning he told me everything, that he was arrested for rape, and he spent five-six months in prison. I saw somebody. I fell in love with him and I saw a side to him that a lot of people didn’t see.” 

Now that the relationship has ended, Nonku isn’t sure about whether she’ll give love another chance. She got emotional while answering some of the questions about her ex and didn’t want to continue with the conversation. 

Maria on Ruan and body shaming 

Maria on The Real Housewives of Durban S3 reunion

That’s not the only relationship that ended this season. Maria and Ruan also parted ways. Sadly, Ruan, who had been in Maria’s life for seven years, decided to pursue a friendship with Jojo instead. This hurt Maria, of course. 

“You came into my home. We know each other for seven years. You’ve had dinner with me. You’ve celebrated things with me. You met Jojo whilst interviewing these ladies. When you were interviewing them you sold your friendship to anyone of these people that would take you, only Jojo would take you,” she told Ruan. 

She didn’t understand how he would throw away their friendship for Jojo as he only met her recently.

Maria also faced a lot of body shaming this season. She said: “The hardest thing for me to watch besides Ruan is the body shaming that I had to go through and that’s not fair.” Some of her co-stars made remarks about her lips, even going as far as using the word “botched” to refer to her surgical procedures. 

It was revealed that Nonku also had a procedure done on her lips, while she had a lot to say about Maria’s lips. “For somebody to body shame me for my lips or whatever and to go and do everything I did with the award-winning doctor, for crying out loud,” Maria said. 

We have a feeling that Part 2 will be just as heated, if not more. The next episode of the The Real Housewives of Durban Reunion will air on Wednesday, 17 May, right here on Showmax. 

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