The Real Housewives of Lagos recap Season 2 episode 8: “You’re going to have a baby soon!”
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20 November 2023

The Real Housewives of Lagos recap Season 2 episode 8: “You’re going to have a baby soon!”

Episode 8 of The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 opens with Mariam and Iyabo indulging in some much-needed rest and recreation at a massage parlour.

Iyabo, often a voice of reason, warns Mariam against turning every social event into a shouting match. She already has issues with Tiannah and Faith, and it won’t be nice to add Chioma to the list because she, Iyabo, will now have to join.

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Elsewhere, we get some insight into Tiannah’s health issues. Her friend, Queen, visits to comfort her as she has been indoors.

Tiannah fears that she’s experiencing similar symptoms as her mother, who died of cancer. Her life was cut short due to the illness, and she never got to see her baby become one of Nigeria’s most influential fashion designers. But her friend reminds her that she is a fighter and can fight any illness.

Cut to another familial gathering as Tania invites some ladies to a book reading. Laura and Mariam come with their daughters, while Chioma arrives with her goddaughter. But the kiddies’ event soon turns into something else when Tania brings up issues from the Zaza event. She mentions hearing Mariam paid for some drinks and brings out receipts showing she indeed covered everything, but Mariam says she paid for the drinks she drank. Chioma and Laura are too confused to contribute.

Mariam and Chioma continue their quarrels

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After Tania and Mariam settle their confusing fight, Chioma and Mariam continue their fight over who is fake and who isn’t. As they shout at each other, Chioma calls Iyabo, who seems tired of Mariam’s antics. Chioma video calls Iyabo later as both ladies continue hurling insults at each other.

Tania comes between them as the kids approach. Then Mariam says something heavy.

“People that don’t have children are shouting,” she says to Chioma. “I said because you don’t have kids, you’re shouting here.”

Chioma becomes downcast immediately, but Mariam stands by her hurtful statement.

Chioma cries to Iyabo

What Mariam said really hurt Chioma. She later visits Iyabo to discuss the fights, and Iyabo is more than happy to comfort her friend.

“I thought it wasn’t that deep … it was just a joke,” she says as she narrates the event to Iyabo. “But she goes, it’s because you don’t have a child, that’s why you’re shouting in front of children.”

Iyabo is shaken.

“It’s like you’re mocking her,” she says of Mariam’s statement in her confessional.

Chioma explains to Iyabo how that statement hurt her profoundly, and she starts to cry. Iyabo gives her a shoulder to sob on and promises to make her amala, her favourite Yoruba swallow.

“I want to be a mother like you. I want to have the same blessing that you have. Why are you calling me out for something that’s not my fault?,” Chioma says later.

Laura and Faith

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Every time Laura and Faith meet, it’s all good vibes. She is meeting Faith to choose her dream wedding ring for her white wedding, and who better to help select the suitable stone than a girl familiar with diamonds?

Faith asks Laura what she has been up to, and she mentions Tania’s book reading event with the kids, but immediately, Laura speaks of Mariam’s attendance. Faith turns her face away. Laura is uncomfortable that everyone is seemingly not cool with Mariam.

She experienced the same last season and is starting to pity her.

“I felt bad for Mariam because, at this point, I just feel like everybody has a problem with her,” she tells Faith.

“I just feel like we all need to chill. I don’t want a repeat of what happened to me to happen to her.”

But Faith points out that drama is present everywhere Mariam is.

Then the two get super excited over the topic of Faith’s upcoming birthday party – she has invited the most prominent socialites in Lagos; of course, Mariam isn’t invited.

The episode ends with Faith’s glorious black-and-red themed birthday bash, with the who’s who of Lagos in attendance. Shockingly, Laura is forced to leave the event early — trouble in paradise?

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