The Real Housewives of Lagos S2 episode 10: “You brought the fight to innocent Laura”

7 December 2023

The Real Housewives of Lagos S2 episode 10: “You brought the fight to innocent Laura”

“I’m talking as if he’s my husband,” Faith says in the opening minutes of this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos. She was referring to her son after discussing the bond they share. If you’ve been following, you know they have the biblical mother-son relationship.

Faith’s mum is around, and when she asks her mother to do something with her son, the woman goes super religious in typical Nigerian mother fashion. Faith jokingly stops it.

A few minutes later, we get to experience another mother-son relationship. This time, it is Tiannah and her son, Tenor. Tiannah’s baby daddy is hanging out with their son during football training. He is eager to move Tenor to the United Kingdom to pursue a football career.

Tiannah is happy her baby-daddy and their son have a great relationship, even though it makes her jealous sometimes. She’s also pleased about her peaceful relationship with Tenor’s dad, who seems chill and comfortable with her other baby daddies.

They do disagree, though, on taking Tenor abroad for football. Tiannah has been hesitant because she wants her baby nearby, but she’s now agreeing with her baby-daddy about putting the boy in an academy.

Towards the end of the episode, she throws an over-the-top fashion party with her usual extravagant and unique designs on display. She does not invite her one-time best friend, though. Spicy!

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Now, let’s get into the other juicy deets from the episode!

Laura meets with Faith and Tiannah

Laura is extra dressed to match the spice of Faith and Tiannah, two fashion babes who like to turn heads with their outfits.

“Toyin is coming today. I need to give her extra because you know Toyin is always extra,” Laura explains her grandiloquent appearance.

She has been radiating happiness all season, but she’s extra joyous as her wedding approaches.

She brings Ife up, apologising to Tiannah about missing the trip. Tiannah answers that Ife was fun, but ended with her fighting with Mariam.

Mariam’s daughter time

Mariam is missing all the outings with the other ladies, but that’s because she’s swamped and dedicating all her time to her daughter.

“Today, it’s about me and my baby,” Mariam says. “I have been working back to back. I’ve been extremely busy, so every little time I have is for her.”

They are swimming at the house. Mariam throws her baby around in the water, and she joyfully swims around.

Hadiza, her cousin, comes around, and Mariam updates her on her journey to getting another child.

Chioma’s new friend

Chioma horse riding with her new friend Eso Dike in The Real Housewives of Lagos S2

Chioma is horseriding, and her new friend, Eso Dike, who showed up at her photoshoot, is here again to watch her ride. Dike looks dashing in a glistening white two-piece and immediately turns on the charm as he approaches her.

“How’s it going?” he quickly asks before going on a horse himself.

Chioma seems smitten by him, although she typically stays away from actors and folks in the limelight. “He is a fantastic person, really nice, really caring, but he is in the entertainment industry,” she explains. “I’d never ever even been close to somebody else in the entertainment industry.”

She seems comfortable with him, though, and so far, she has not witnessed anything to worry her. But why is a man as handsome and famous as Dike single? Even Chioma is curious and asks; he replies charmingly and confidently. He is single by choice.

Laura and Dr Rommel; Iyabo and secrets

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After Tiannah’s fashion show, the ladies and Dr Rommel gather to gist. “Why didn’t Mariam come, though?” Laura asks. She is worried about Mariam’s absence because even when she had issues last year, she still attended or got invited to events.

The other ladies are not as concerned. They are even happy Mariam isn’t around.

Laura misses Mariam’s energy and faults Tiannah and Mariam for ending their 15+ years of friendship over hearsay, stressing that it is important friends call each other when they hear gossip to confirm the truth. Out of nowhere, Dr Rommel interrupts Laura. “How come you don’t accord me the same grace?” the doctor asks.

Laura answers they are not friends and she doesn’t owe him such loyalty or respect.

Iyabo comes in, supporting Rommel’s point, which leaves Laura stunned and confused. A little gbas gbos ensued between both women.

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