The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 episode 2: Chioma’s top-tier fashion

9 October 2023

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 episode 2: Chioma’s top-tier fashion

This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Lagos (#RHOLagos) opens with Iyabo gushing about her music executive boo, Paul Okoye, aka Paulo. She is not only enjoying driving his luxurious car, but he’s also prepared breakfast for her.

“I like the fact that Paulo treats me like a baby,” she says. It’s a side of Iyabo we haven’t seen before, and it perfectly aligns with the statement she made in the viral video from the show’s premiere, saying we will see a lot more personality from her this season.

Paulo seems a good sport and matches Iyabo’s energy; their playful banter delves into the origins of their relationship, especially when Paulo’s daughter, Vanessa, inquires.

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“Your dad was a playboy, but he got hooked along the way,” Iyabo responds to Vanessa, looking the mushiest we have witnessed since the show started.

Later in the episode, Chioma visits new cast member Tania, dressed in a chic Barbie-inspired outfit. The skirt is giving Ayra Starr mini skirt, and Tania is suspicious.

“Where are you going?” she probes upon seeing the outfit. Chioma says Tania’s house, but Tania thinks not. “Are you sure you’re coming to my house? Or you are going somewhere else?” she questions wryly.

After the friendly chit-chat, Tania opens up about the awkward reception she got from the ladies at Mariam’s staycation, stating that Chioma didn’t prep her properly.

Chioma then drops exciting news – she plans to auction some of her treasured outfits at a yard sale to raise funds for her foundation, which she has been solely and passionately running.

Mariam gives Tiannah the tea from the staycation

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Tiannah, who missed out on the staycation, visits Mariam to catch up on all the juicy details. Mariam doesn’t waste any time and dives right into the gossip.

“Laura and Chioma brought new friends. You know Tania Omotayo?,” she asks.

Tiannah acknowledges knowing Tania through social media interactions but doesn’t consider herself really close to her. “But I do know about her and I do know her gist,” she replies with a laugh.

The conversation shifts to Faith and her eye-catching gown. Tiannah, a lover of grand entrances and style, admits she would have loved to witness Faith’s dress and the commotion it caused. But when Mariam mentions Chioma, Tiannah shuts down the conversation! Interestingly, their relationship takes a different turn towards the end of the episode.

Chioma’s 20 suitcases of clothes

Chioma treats us to a tour of her not-so-humble closet, which feels and looks like a high-end boutique. Her friend, Teme, lends a hand in sorting through her clothes, some of which Chioma plans to auction at the yard sale.

“I cannot count how many items of clothing I own. If I did a round guess, I would say maybe 2 000 pieces, 3 000 pieces, thereabout,” Chioma mentions.

Faith Morey and Iyabo meet again

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Faith and Iyabo meet again, this time at the beach. The last time the pair met at Mariam’s staycation was less than pleasant, with Iyabo interrogating Faith’s gown, and actually stepping on the tail.

Iyabo brings up the tail again, saying Faith always dresses inappropriately and was only trying to impress the ladies with such extravagance.

Faith disagrees. “No, I wasn’t trying to impress anyone, darling,” she retorts, before mentioning she invited Laura to their meeting, which didn’t sit well with Iyabo. As Laura arrives, Iyabo leaves.

The chaos that is Dr Rommel

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Dr Rommel seems poised to become a fan favourite this season. He is the kind of messy fun we didn’t know we needed on the show. In this episode, Faith meets him for lunch at his residence – it is a lovely house, by the way!

He is eager to hear how it all went down at the staycation. Faith starts talking about Mariam as the host, and the good doctor wonders if he knows her. Faith reveals that she did not know her until that day.

“Nobody knows her anyway, let’s talk about people we know,” he retorts.

Things move along to Chioma’s auction hosted by none other than Nollywood actor Deyemi Okanlawon, where pieces go for 500 000 Naira and up. In true #RHOLagos style, the fashion is top tier and there’s no shortage of drama.

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