The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 episode 9 recap: “My big aunty is the Queen of Ife kingdom”
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27 November 2023

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 episode 9 recap: “My big aunty is the Queen of Ife kingdom”

It is another episode of the second season of The Real Housewives of Lagos, and chaos and quarrels are still raining down.

The cornerstone of this episode is an unexpected plot twist, a fight between two friends who have always presented a united front – now they have to wash dirty linen in front of everyone. But before all that, let’s track the beginnings of the episode.

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Iyabo accompanies Tania to a tattoo salon where they gossip about recent happenings. Iyabo asks if Tania invited Dr Rommel to her event, and she says she forgot. Then they speak about the confusing revelation about Rommel and Faith not really being friends.

“There is still a disconnect; there is something about their story that’s not adding up,” Tania says. Iyabo echoes the same sentiment, but she loves Dr Rommel and doesn’t care about that entire situation. She thinks the doctor is a better human and friend than Faith, and that’s all that matters to her.

Later in the episode, the ladies journey to Ife to experience Tiannah’s royal background and the gorgeous regality of the Yoruba culture. They will be staying at the luxurious Ife Grand Resort, and Chioma is especially excited to be fully immersed in the Yoruba culture.

“I am not going to miss this trip for anything,” Chioma says. “Everyone knows that I am obsessed with Yoruba culture. It intrigues me so much, I really want to learn more, see more, and just see how the monarchy in Yoruba land works.”

Now, let us get into all the sweeter gist from the episode.

Eso Dike visits Chioma

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Chioma is having a photoshoot for GQ magazine, and her assistant brings a flower bouquet from an anonymous sender. “A little something to brighten your day,” the message reads.

Shortly after, the dashing actor, Eso Dike, visits the set. “Did you get my flowers,” he asks. He has a yearbook from his time at law school; apparently, he and Chioma attended law school the same year, and he had mentioned that to her before.

The yearbook is proof to show he was not lying to her.

“But I don’t remember you from law school,” a smitten Chioma says, laughing.

Toyin visits her royal aunty

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Tiannah is visiting the royal palace in Ife to see her aunty, Olori Ronke Ogunsi.

“Finally in Ife,” her aunty greets her before they share a hug.

The Olori has been begging her niece to visit, but Tiannah, like most Lagosians, has been too busy to make the trip. She did enjoy traveling by road from Lagos and was excited to share some fun details.
Olori Ronke gives her, and by extension, the audience, a palace tour. We see precious stones from Ife, artwork of past kings, and pictures of the different Oonis from time immemorial. We also hear the stories behind each item.

“I would love you to give them a royal treat,” Tiannah tells her aunt about the ladies.

“Almost all of them know I am from a royal family, but they haven’t really experienced my lifestyle or how it is done in the royal palace.”

Laura tries on her wedding dresses

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Laura’s excitement for her wedding is infectious. She is trying some wedding gowns and is as excited as a child who has just been gifted candy. She looks stunning in the first dress she tries. The gown is exquisitely designed and crafted. It does come with a train, though; hopefully, its beauty is enough to make Iyabo less worried about its grandness.

“This is amazing, this is je ne sais quoi,” her friend says, stunned by the elegance of the dress.

A brawl amidst royalty

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

The ladies are having a great time at the palace. First, they meet the charming and charismatic Ooni, who arranges a royal banquet to honour them. Then they visit the Queen’s Adire hub. She gifts the ladies plain white t-shirts and guides them into transforming them into Adire.

After that, the ladies agree to speak to Mariam about the recent fights. Mariam enters the room to meet Chioma and Tania but does not say hello. She goes to her seat and focuses on her phone. Later, Tiannah and Iyabo join them, and Tiannah starts the conversation.

“There are so many things that I heard and I will tell you outrightly that you’re not being a fair friend to me at all.”

It is an uncharacteristically quiet tone from Tiannah, but she is usually like this with Mariam. However, the niceness quickly flips with both women engaging in a shouting match and then a brawl that seemed to out of nowhere!

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