The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 finale recap: “Faith is a pathological liar”
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19 December 2023

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 finale recap: “Faith is a pathological liar”

…and on that note, the curtains fall on the second season of The Real Housewives of Lagos.

Just when we thought Season 1 of RHOLagos brought the drama, the ladies said ‘hold my beer’.

The season finale kicks off right where we left off last week. The ladies are struggling to restrain Iyabo, who is determined to get her hands on Laura. On the other end of the room, Laura is not backing down from this fight.

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

“Am I not an adult? I’m a mother of two, who are you?”


Laura and Faith regroup

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

Following the heated exchange, the ladies disperse to change into their bikinis and get in the pool. But not before Faith and Laura converge to discuss the events of the day. Laura is still fuming over her exchange with Iyabo. She thinks Iyabo is all talk and no action.

“Physically, if they put me and Iyabo in a room, physically, Iyabo can not beat me.”

Mariam catches some heat from the ladies too. Laura is amused by the fact that she is now hanging with the other ladies.

“She’s finally in the group, they’ve let her in.”

Faith points out tha,t “there are some people that don’t have a decision of who they are or their personality.”


Poolside drama

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

The ladies finally assemble at the pool looking stunning in their bikinis. But where two or more housewives are gathered, drama is never far away. Not long after Faith and Laura arrive at the pool, Iyabo moves to the other pool claiming that it’s warmer. The rest of the ladies soon follow suit, leaving just Faith and Laura in the other pool.

Suspicious, much?

While the ladies maintain that they moved to the second pool because it was warmer, Laura and Faith are not convinced. As far as the pair are concerned, the group moved because Laura and Faith got into the pool.

“They say if you can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen,” Faith quips during her diary session.

Kasala for breakfast

The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2 on Showmax

It’s the morning after the showdown between Laura and Iyabo, and the ladies have assembled for breakfast. Things kick off with Chioma, Tania and Laura, who arrive first and discuss Laura’s fight with Iyabo. Laura maintains that Iyabo is a bully, adding that she’s always been condescending to her. Chioma is not buying this narrative: she says as much during her diary session.

“Iyabo is not a bully. At the end of the day, God gave each and every one of us mouths, if somebody is coming for you, come for them back.”


Back at the breakfast table, Dr Rommel strides in after the rest of the ladies have settled in for breakfast. He’s all smiles and blows kisses to the table, but it’s not long before chaos descends. In no time, accusations and counter-accusations are flying across the table with Dr Rommel calling Faith a “pathological liar” and Faith calling Tania “a puppet”.

Catch all the drama on The Real Housewives of Lagos Season 2. Binge the full season now on Showmax.


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