The Real Housewives of Nairobi Episode 2 recap: Let’s get dirty

3 March 2023

The Real Housewives of Nairobi Episode 2 recap: Let’s get dirty

Buckle up for a wild ride in Episode 2 of RHONairobi. The drama starts early as Vera spills the tea on Dr Maria’s insult-fueled tirade to her best friend, Amina. Resident shade queen Minne meets Lisa for a morning yoga session, but ruins the mood by comparing yoga positions to her bedroom antics.

Dr Maria makes amends – for a bit

Meanwhile, Dr Maria is determined to set things right after causing drama at Susan’s Sip and Scent event from the previous episode. She starts by meeting up with Sonal at a dance lesson, where she promises to apologise to Vera privately and on her own terms. Later, she hits the gym to make amends with Susan in person.

The real adventure begins when Lisa invites the ladies out of town for a rally event in Machakos. Despite it not being their usual scene, Susan, Vera, Minne, and Sonal all show up, fashionably late and dressed to kill, bringing their signature glamour to the dusty track. 

But what’s a reality show without some drama? Dr Maria is a no-show, causing yet another commotion as she fails to inform Lisa that she won’t be attending and doesn’t refund her hotel room payment. How does she expect to make things right if she’s not making an effort from her side?

Who’s ready to reveal their secrets?

After an adrenaline-fuelled rally car ride, the ladies head back to their rustic digs to reminisce over dinner. But things take a steamy turn when Minne suggests playing “Never Have I Ever” and fires off some raunchy questions, killing the mood. You’ve got to love her for her bold and unfiltered personality!

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