The reality show Rue’s obsessed with on Euphoria – and where to watch it

31 July 2019

The reality show Rue’s obsessed with on Euphoria – and where to watch it

In the latest episode of Euphoria, Rue is depressed. So depressed, she can’t even be bothered to get off the couch and pee. What keeps her entertained, however, is a 22-episode binge of the hottest British reality show of the moment. So, what was she watching, and where can you see it too?

“I don’t want a novel or some slow burn or something that feels like work. That’s why I love reality TV – it’s funny, dramatic and I can focus on it. It’s pure, effortless entertainment. I wanna lay down one moment and then look around the next and realise I have watched 22 straight hours of Love Island over a two-day period and yearn for more.” Rue in Episode 7 of Euphoria

Rue is, of course, bingeing Love Island, and we cannot blame her. You might watch the first few moments of the show to laugh at the ultra-tanned, ultra-coiffed contestants and their thick accents, but before you know it, you’ll probably be sucked in too. It’s a phenomenon that’s not only massive in the UK but also around the world.

So what is it all about? Love Island confines a bunch of gorgeous young things to a house in Majorca, Spain. The villa features an enormous pool, an outdoor cooking area for whipping up breakfasts and cocktails, a communal bedroom and a romantic hideaway for lovey-dovey liaisons. Throughout the show, contestants are voted off (by each other or by the public) and new ones arrive. The aim of the game is to couple up, either for love, friendship or just to seal yourself the best chance to win the cash prize.

The show has been so successful it’s spawned another version in Australia. Lucky for you, Showmax has three addictive seasons of Love Island UK as well as the first season of Love Island Australia. Definitely dive in and give it a try – but we won’t be responsible if you emerge hours later, wondering where the day got to. It’s addictive stuff!

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