The Rehearsal S1
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10 October 2022

The Rehearsal S1

The Rehearsal explores the lengths one man will go to reduce the uncertainties of everyday life. With a construction crew, a legion of actors and seemingly unlimited resources, Nathan Fielder (How To With John Wilson) allows ordinary people to prepare for life’s biggest moments by “rehearsing” them in carefully crafted simulations of his own design. When a single misstep could shatter your entire world, why leave life to chance?

The Rehearsal has been a hit with fans and critics alike, with a 9/10 rating on IMdb and a 93% critics’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where the critics’ consensus says: “The Rehearsal gives Nathan Fielder carte blanche to take his absurdist comedy to the limit, which he pushes even further past with deadpan aplomb in what might be his most uncomfortably funny feat yet.”

​IndieWire praised The Rehearsal as “a grand HBO experiment” that achieves “next-level entertainment,” while Vanity Fair called it “as enthralling and bizarre as life itself.”

Plus, HBO recently renewed The Rehearsal for a second season.

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