The River: Did Lindiwe kill Tumi?

16 March 2020

The River: Did Lindiwe kill Tumi?

You can’t mess with Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana and get away with it. That’s just not possible. Over the last few years we’ve learned that this woman is not capable of just letting things go. Ever since she discovered the truth about Mbali’s death, she’s been determined to find the person responsible and deal with them accordingly.

But will she have a different attitude after learning that Tumi is the culprit? Well, before we get into that, let’s unpack what led to an explosive moment between Lindiwe and Tumi.

Zolani opens Lindiwe’s eyes

From the start, Lindiwe made it clear that she didn’t want to involve the police in the investigation of her late daughter’s accident and wanted to handle the whole thing herself, with only Zolani’s help. After digging for a while, Zolani landed on an important piece of evidence which he showed to his aunt. He found pliers with the initials “T.M” and had the hard task of making his aunt see the truth.

At first, Lindiwe accused Zolani of being bitter and jealous of the fact that Tumi had married another man. She was convinced that Tumi had nothing to do with Mbali’s death. “Tumi has my blood. She has my genes. She’s a good person and she inherited my good traits. If she had done it, she would have broken down and confessed by now. Tumi can’t keep secrets,” Lindiwe confidently told Zolani.

Lindiwe’s terrible revenge

But, try as she might, Lindiwe couldn’t stop thinking about the possibility that Zolani could be right. The pair went to the Mokoena home, bringing groceries and telling Dimpho, who was alone in the house, that they had come to comfort the family after Malefu’s death. Lindiwe then dropped the pliers on the floor and before they left the house, Zolani picked them up and put them on the table.

Dimpho couldn’t believe her eyes. “I’m just surprised. We’ve been looking for them. The outside tap was broken, and this was nowhere to be found,” Dimpho said. She then confirmed the owner – Tumi. She inherited them from her late father, Thato Mokoena.

This didn’t sit well with Lindiwe and she was still having a hard time believing the truth. Zolani told her aunt that Tumi had to be dealt with immediately. What followed was an unexpected confrontation between Lindiwe and Tumi. The mother and daughter were the only people in the Dikana mansion when an angry Lindiwe told Tumi: “You tried to kill me but killed Mbali instead.”

She showed her the pliers and Tumi was left with no choice but to confess. She told Lindiwe that it was a mistake and that she wanted to kill her. Tumi mentioned all the terrible things her mother had done to her including killing her father, and also burying her alive. They had a nasty exchange of words – and then Lindiwe pushed Tumi down the stairs!

Tumi had blood all over her face and now the question on viewers’ minds is whether Tumi is dead or not. There’s also a theory about this scene being a dream.

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