The River: Is Angelina carrying Cobra’s child?

11 March 2019

The River: Is Angelina carrying Cobra’s child?

Don’t you just hate it when you think you’ve got things under control, only for life to come and interrupt your plans? Well, someone who probably relates to this too well right now is Cobra. So, what could have happened this time? Well, we’re glad you asked.

Angelina drops a bombshell

We all know that Cobra loves Paulina, right? These two have been together for years and their relationship has survived many challenges, including Cobra’s past as a criminal. Everything was great and they were even planning to get married. But the wedding was called off after it was discovered that Cobra had fathered a child with another woman. They somehow managed to fix things and their relationship was back on track.

To show just how much he loves Paulina, Cobra proposed again last week and she accepted his proposal. But just as everyone was celebrating their upcoming wedding, an unexpected thing happened! Angelina came out of nowhere and claimed that she was pregnant with Cobra’s child.

Now this sounds really crazy because we cannot imagine why he would have made her pregnant. We thought the first baby was a mistake and that he would have learned his lesson. Anyway, this could all be a lie and maybe Angelina is looking for a way to break Cobra and Paulina up. We’ll have to stay tuned to get to the bottom of this one.

Andile makes peace with his family

While the Mokoenas are currently facing a dilemma, the Dikanas seem to be happier than ever. Lindiwe has yet again managed to convince Andile that she’s just a victim. This comes after he threatened to cut all ties with his family because he believed that his mother was a criminal. He even went as far as moving out of home. But his rebellious act didn’t last too long as Lindiwe is always a few steps ahead.

She managed to win Andile over after Zweli told him that the Mokoenas are being bribed to lie about her. As expected, Andile moved back home and the Dikana family is now stronger than ever (it seems).

Oh, and things could continue going in this family’s favour, especially after Nomonde and Sihle’s steamy session in the car. In case you’re wondering, Sihle is the prosecutor who’s working on Tumi’s case against Lindiwe.

Now that he’s having something with Nomonde, we can’t help but wonder if that won’t compromise the case.

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