The River: Lindani pushes Tumi into another man’s arms

By Siya Ben31 August 2020

The River: Lindani pushes Tumi into another man’s arms

Cracks are starting to show in Tumi and Lindani’s relationship. The couple tied the knot last year and it has been a picture-perfect marriage. However, things changed recently after Lindani brought up the subject of moving out and having children.

Lindani somehow needs to prove that he’s a man who can take care of his family. For him to feel like he’s able to provide, he told Tumi that he wants them to move out of the Dikana mansion. This isn’t such a bad idea considering the fact that they’re living under another family’s roof. The only problem is that Tumi is opposed to the idea of moving into an RDP house.

Lindani and Tumi are drifting apart

Tumi was not impressed after hearing her husband’s plans. She told Lindiwe, who advised her not to allow her man to drag her into poverty. Some back and forth took place between the lovebirds and they eventually reached a compromise. Lindani would stay in the mansion only if Tumi agreed to give him children. She was hesitant but because she wanted peace, she agreed. But Lindani soon learned that his wife took contraceptives while fooling him into thinking that they were starting a family. He confronted her about it and even called a family meeting to discuss Tumi’s “lies”.

Lindani clearly doesn’t realise that what he’s doing is pushing his wife further and further away. After their heated discussions, Tumi found herself in the arms of another man, who happens to be Lindani’s cousin. Mabutho and Tumi’s chemistry was evident a few months ago and now their feelings for each other seem to have intensified. 

Khabzela’s mom is in danger

Khabzela is making huge strides in the business world. The taxi driver recently got a new vehicle and this achievement made everyone proud. Because he wants to have a sustainable income, he came up with a great idea that would enable him to take care of his mother. Khabzela went to Lindiwe with a business proposal and while she wasn’t too keen on the idea, Andile saw it as something that would work. They then gave him a contract and it was reason to celebrate.

But now the celebrations could be short-lived. Khabzela accidentally knocked a candle over as he was closing the door and it fell on the floor. He and Cobra were too happy (and maybe drunk) to realise what had just happened and they walked out of the house, leaving his mother fast asleep.

Will she wake in time to see the danger she’s in? We cannot wait to find out! Watch The River on Showmax.

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