The River: Lindiwe and Gail’s ugly showdown

By Siyathemba Ben23 July 2019

The River: Lindiwe and Gail’s ugly showdown

Why is it so hard for Lindiwe to realise that she has lost Zweli? It has been a sad week for her as she not only discovered that he’s proposed to Gail and is planning a future with her, but he also never wants to see her again. Allow us to break this down for you.

Zweli defends Gail against Lindiwe

For the past couple of days, Lindiwe has been using her daughter, Mbali, as a spy. Well, this is something that Mbali doesn’t know yet, but her mother has been using her to get information about what Zweli has been up to since she was kicked out of the mansion. Her daughter spilled the tea on her dad’s new relationship, which obviously made Lindiwe angry and she vowed to get the love of her life back.

In an attempt to intimidate Gail, Lindiwe went to her former home and found Zweli’s new fiancé alone. She saw this as an opportunity to attack and before we knew it, there was a catfight. The two women eventually found themselves outside the house and that’s when Zweli and the children drove in and saw everything.

Zweli was angry with his ex-wife and told her exactly where to get off. He said some really painful words while his children watched. It’s pretty clear that Lindiwe has made things worse for herself and there’s no way that she will ever be welcome in that house again.  

Will Tumi kill Percy?

While Cobra is in hospital fighting for his life, his family and friends have taken it upon themselves to find the person who shot him. For some reason, everyone seems to think that Percy, who is one of Cobra’s best friends, is the one who pulled the trigger.

Because they’re desperately looking for someone to blame for the incident, Percy seems to be the easiest target. When you look at it, it does make sense because he once pointed a gun at Cobra and threatened to kill him right in front of his sisters and friends.

However, even though he’s had his fair share of drama with Cobra, we have reason to believe that he is innocent this time. But the community – including Oupa, Tumi and Dimpho – is convinced that he’s guilty. They’re so convinced that they’re even willing to kill him. Oupa made his intentions very clear when he shot Percy’s leg. Oh, and now the gun is in Tumi’s hands and it’s up to her to decide whether Percy lives or not. Will she pull the trigger?

We’re holding our thumbs and hoping that Tumi will make the right decision. This coming week promises to be action-packed and you don’t want to miss it! Catch up on The River on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the 1Magic broadcast.

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