The River: Lindiwe and Zolani finally arrested

25 February 2019

The River: Lindiwe and Zolani finally arrested

Our prayers for The River have finally been answered: Lindiwe has been arrested!

This is all thanks to Julia. Since she first heard Lindiwe’s story about Tumi allegedly shooting her, Julia has had her doubts. The police officer had a lot of questions about Lindiwe’s version of events and was determined to get to the bottom of things. While the rest of the country was up in arms complaining about how the mining magnate was always getting away with crime – others going as far as wanting to boycott the show – Julia was doing the Lord’s work.

It turns out the cop was a step ahead of the game and came up with a plan to take Lindiwe down. She suspected that Lindiwe had meddled with the evidence, and that’s what got her and Zolani arrested. Yes, the mighty have fallen, finally!

Tumi stands her ground

Imagine being offered a million to lie about something that was done to you. That’s the situation Tumi was faced with this past week when Lindiwe asked her to lie about the shooting and Thato Mokoena’s death. Lindiwe even went as far as going to see Tumi in jail to threaten her and tell her how much she doesn’t want her. Of course, Tumi refused to do that and told her biological mother exactly where to get off.

Because she never wants to lose, Lindiwe made another plan and arranged for Tumi to get killed. Her instructions were clear: it must look like Tumi committed suicide.

While the people she hired to do the job tried, they failed as Julia came to save the day.

While this drama was unfolding, Lindani was working hard trying to get R100 000 to get Tumi out of jail. He went to his sister Paulina, and even asked Malefu for help. We honestly thought that Malefu would help because she does have the money. Also, this is the same money she received after the Dlaminis/Dikanas paid for Tumi’s lobola. So, why did she refuse?

Well, because she believed that Tumi was guilty. We honestly don’t know when Malefu will get over herself and realise that she has been very cruel towards Tumi. She raised her as her own for all these years and now suddenly she hates her?

Let’s be honest, we were almost ready to give up on Season 2 of The River because it kept breaking our hearts. We love that there’s a villain in the story but absolutely hate seeing her winning all the time. There’s clearly a lot of drama to be expected coming our way this season and we’re ready for it.

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