The River: Lindiwe is back, but she’s broke!

27 May 2019

The River: Lindiwe is back, but she’s broke!

Our favourite villain has made her comeback and it’s definitely not what we expected. She’s down and out, and we honestly didn’t see this one coming. You’d think that someone who’s as clever as Lindiwe would have saved herself some money for a rainy day.

Wondering what Lindiwe on The River is up to now? Well, let us fill you in.

Lindiwe and Zolani move to Refilwe

The moment we’ve all been waiting for finally happened this past week. Lindiwe and Zolani, who disappeared after Zweli threw them out of the house, made their long-awaited comeback. However, things are not going well for the aunt and her nephew, and they’ve found themselves in a state where they have absolutely no money.

To show how bad things are for these two, they were so desperate that they reached out to Zweli and asked him for some cash. But he’s completely over his wife and is determined to start afresh and because of this, he told Lindiwe and Zolani to leave. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

They were left with no choice but to leave, without a single cent from Zweli. As much as we’ve been waiting for Lindiwe’s downfall, we were not expecting her and her nephew to move to Refilwe. But they say beggars can’t be choosers, right? So, if your situation takes you back to the same life you’ve been running away from, you have no choice but to obey.

Even though she now lives in a shack, it doesn’t look like Lindiwe will give up just yet. She’s been inspired to pitch a business idea that could possibly put her back on top.

While this could be her ticket back to an affluent life, she’s still faced with poverty and she has to make ends meet. For this reason, Lindiwe came up with a plan to scam one of Refilwe’s ruthless loan sharks. She pretended to be a troubled disabled woman and asked Matilda to loan her R5 000. However, her story didn’t seem to add up and to make matters worse, it looks like the loan shark recognises her. Will her identity be exposed? We imagine that this could put her life in danger.

Nomonde gets a reality check

Being a CEO is not just about being in power, or fun and games. This is exactly what Nomonde is learning right now. While she’s managed to get the miners on her side, she still has a long way to go where investors are concerned.

The proud CEO had a meeting with some investors and they didn’t take her seriously. It doesn’t help that they only see her as just a pretty face who’s not capable of doing her job. It’s quite obvious that they only want her body, and not her brains.

Do you think Nomonde will manage to convince the investors to take her seriously? Also, will Lindiwe and Zolani get themselves out of Refilwe? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Tune into The River on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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