The River: Lindiwe is free, but for how long?

4 March 2019

The River: Lindiwe is free, but for how long?

The River show definitely knows how to burst our bubble. How many people can agree with this? Just after we were ready to celebrate the fact that Lindiwe was finally going to pay for her sins, she goes and pulls off an Oscar-worthy performance. How did she do it.? Well, we’re glad you asked!

Lindiwe plays the victim… again

Mrs Dikana, who was arrested and released a few days ago, somehow managed to convince the world that she wasn’t responsible for any of the crimes she was accused of. In order to get everyone on her side, Lindiwe has cooked up a story that makes her look like the victim in this whole thing. She’s still sticking to the story about Tumi shooting her. Wait, before we can go any further here, wasn’t Zweli in the house when Lindiwe shot herself? And didn’t he conclude that she had attempted to kill herself? Anyway, for some reason, this important part seems to have been completely forgotten and we’ve now had to watch Lindiwe trying to destroy Tumi, while Zweli is determined to clear his wife’s name.

Lindiwe went as far as doing an interview with one of South Africa’s most loved TV broadcasters, Noxolo Grootboom.

In the interview, she made it clear that she was the victim and that Tumi is out to get her. Oh, and she also fed people another lie about how the man who sold her Khanyisa Diamonds was behind everything that’s happening to her right now.

Andile didn’t buy Lindiwe’s act for a second

While Lindiwe has somehow managed to wrap everyone around her fingers, one person who’s not buying her whole act is her son Andile. These two have had their differences in the past and have always found their way back to each other. But this time, it doesn’t look like it will be easy to mend their rocky relationship. Andile is the only person in the Dikana household who doesn’t believe a word of Lindiwe’s story. After going to Tumi to find out her side of the story, Andile decided to believe her because he knows what his mother is capable of.

He gave his whole family a piece of his mind and made it clear that he’s not about to play happy families.

It seems like he’s the only person in that family who has a mind and we have to say we’re impressed. He told his family that he’s decided to move out because he’s had enough of the lies and all the drama. Everyone was shocked, of course.

Will Lindiwe manage to get Andile back on her side, or has she lost him forever? You’ll have to watch The River on Showmax to find out. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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