The River: Lindiwe wins again

25 September 2018

The River: Lindiwe wins again

While some of us were celebrating the fact that Mrs Dikana was finally put in her place, she was hard at work – plotting, scheming and doing everything in her power to get the upper hand – and she succeeded.

Because she knew she wouldn’t be able to bring her dear sister Vero down on her own, Lindiwe reached out to her trusted partner in crime, Tshabalala. The corrupt police officer dug up some juicy facts about Vero and it was all Lindiwe needed to make her next move. Even we didn’t see this one coming!

It was all fun and games for Vero until an unexpected guest paid her a visit. Do you remember Koos? Well, he rocked up at the Dikana household, with Lindiwe’s help of course, and surprised an unsuspecting Vero. Not even giving her a chance to take it all in, Koos told his wife exactly what he thought of her.

Also, how disappointing must it be to learn that your wife, who is supposed to love and protect you, had you declared dead at Home Affairs? All in the name of making money. Poor Koos thought he had found a life partner, but we all know that Vero is not about loyalty.

It turns out that Lindiwe really is always 10 steps ahead and she made sure that Vero ends up in jail for fraud. Are we the only ones who wondered how Lindiwe found Koos? Wow! We’ve got to give it to her, she’s one hell of a boss.

And that’s not all. Just as Zolani was having the time of his life with his mother, bonding and making future plans, it was all short-lived when he discovered that mommy dearest was nothing but a liar. As if being arrested for fraud was not enough, Vero’s fake illness was also exposed. As expected, Zolani took the news badly and was disappointed in his mother.

Oh, and it gets worse! He’s so mad that he told her to never ever call him her child again. We don’t blame him, though. Think about it: he paid specialists to help her and went out of his way to make sure that she recovered, only to find out that it was all a lie.

And it looks like Vero needs to start thinking about another plan to bring Lindiwe down because she no longer has a hold on her. The mining boss made sure that she deleted the video that her sister was using to blackmail her, meaning Lindiwe now has the upper hand. Oh, and she made it clear that the police, judges and prosecutors were in her pocket. Lindiwe has won this round, hands down.

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