The River: Mbali Dikana’s heartbreaking funeral

5 February 2020

The River: Mbali Dikana’s heartbreaking funeral

Tuesday evening’s episode of The River is undoubtedly one of the most emotional and heartbreaking things we’ve seen on the show. We’re all still reeling from the grief displayed at the funeral. It was a tough day for the Dikanas, but they drew strength from each other. 

Mbali’s funeral started with a tribute from Lindiwe. The grieving mother took to the podium and was accompanied by Tumi. She opted not to read the tribute as she was too emotional and asked Tumi to do it for her.

Tributes for Mbali

“Mbali was always unapologetically herself. From infancy, she knew who and what she was. A light, a storm and a fire,” Tumi read. But before she could finish, she told everyone that she had something to say about the day Mbali lost her life. This moment was difficult because it seemed like she was about to confess. However, she only shared that Mbali was on her way to see her in Refilwe when the accident happened. “I’m so sorry, my sister,” Tumi said, before storming out. Her aunt Kedibone followed her and managed to calm her down.

After Tumi left, Andile and Zolani made their way to the front. Andile told mourners that Mbali fought for him throughout his whole life. “I know that Mbali loved everyone here and we loved her too. My sister, we’ll never forget you,” Andile said.

Zolani also gave a touching tribute which left everyone heartbroken. “She was a child. I don’t know how God works,” an emotional Zolani said.

Lindiwe haunted by her past mistakes

And then it was time to head to the cemetery. This was not an easy drive for the Dikanas and the rest of the mourners. Things got tougher after Lindiwe watched her daughter’s casket being lowered. She broke down as she recalled her final moments with Mbali. She thought about the big fight they had and that moment when she slapped her youngest daughter. She also had flashbacks to the time she killed Thato Mokoena and when she tried to kill Tumi.

It was a sad scene to watch and although it’s just a TV show, we couldn’t help but empathise with the family.

Even actresses from The Queen expressed how deeply touched they were by this episode.

We have to admit that this is one of best TV productions we’ve seen in South Africa. The actors are pulling out all the stops to give Mzansi nothing but quality, and the viewers truly appreciate it.

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