The River: No escape for Cobra, Oupa and Percy

8 October 2018

The River: No escape for Cobra, Oupa and Percy

It looks like Cobra and his buddies are heading right back to prison. There is absolutely no way that will get themselves out of this one. In case you’ve missed what’s been happening in the lives of these criminals on The River, we’ve got you covered.

A heist gone wrong?

We’re certain that the first heist Cobra, Oupa and Percy pulled off was the beginning of their troubles. These three besties, who have been with each other through ups and downs, probably had no idea that although they succeeded the first time and second time, things would not always work in their favour.

On Friday, the nation watched as these ex-convicts attempted another heist. For a while, it seemed like they would get away with it. It was quite convincing because they were inside the cash van and were celebrating the fact that they were going to become millionaires.

However, they didn’t know that while they were looking forward to all the cash, the cops were coming after them.

They got the shock of their lives after discovering that they were surrounded by the police when they got to the Nelson Mandela bridge in Braamfontein. If you watch action movies, you’ll know what’s about to go down. This is definitely the action we never thought we needed. Will Cobra and his friends go back to prison, or will they manage to worm their way out of this one? Oh, and before we forget, Cobra proposed to Paulina. How sad would she be if the love of her life goes to jail? What a shame.

Lindiwe back in Zolani’s good books

We knew that Lindiwe and Zolani would find their way back to each other again. There’s just no way that these two can stay mad at each other for too long after everything that they’ve been through, and done, together.

So, after Veronica tried everything in her power to destroy Lindiwe and Zolani’s relationship, things quickly backfired. Her plan to get her son on her side worked only for a short time as Zolani was quick to remember who was there for him almost all his life. Yes, Vero might be his biological mother, but that means nothing.

The fact remains, he was raised by Lindiwe and that’s all that seems to matter to him right now. Poor Vero honestly thought she would have the victory this time, only for her son to leave her out in the cold. But knowing this professional scammer, we’re certain that she will come up with another plan to come between Lindiwe and Zolani.

You’re probably still thinking about all the drama that happened on The River last week and can’t wait for the next instalment. We’re also anxiously waiting to see what’s going to happen next. Get your daily dose of the 1Magic telenovela on Showmax. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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