The River Recap: Lindiwe plays Tumi

10 September 2018

The River Recap: Lindiwe plays Tumi

You’d think Lindiwe Dikana would be in prison by now after everything that she’s done. But no, for some reason, this woman always manages to stay ahead of everyone else, and successfully cover her tracks. If you’re wondering what this woman is up to now, we’ve got all the answers for you. Check out or recap of The River.

Tumi’s naivety

As you’ve seen, Tumi is the one who stood up for Lindiwe and convinced miners to call off the strike. Lindiwe was so impressed that she didn’t even know how to thank Tumi for sticking up for her. We’ll admit it, even we were quite surprised by Lindiwe’s expression of gratitude.

However, the businesswoman once again showed that everything she does is always for her benefit. While she was praising Tumi on one side, she was planning to use her on the other side. She played Tumi when she asked her to convince community members to sign away their rights to their land. This, of course, was done carefully as Lindiwe fooled everyone to think that she was giving them 30% shares of Khanyisa Diamonds – which was all a lie!

Tumi cannot thank MaDlamini enough for her “generosity”. First, the earrings and now certificates of the 30% share Refilwe residents have been promised. #TheRiver1Magic

— 1Magic (@1MagicTV) September 5, 2018

Lindiwe then took things further by putting Tumi in charge of throwing the mother of all parties for Refilwe residents. Everything went well and now Lindiwe is in everyone’s good books.

But now we can’t help but wonder how Tumi will be able to live with herself when she discovers that she played a part in deceiving her community. We’re looking forward to that day when the truth finally comes out.

Veronica is always scheming

Everybody’s favourite scam artist, Veronica, is back in the picture. After it was revealed that she lied about Koos being her husband (she apparently kidnapped him), Veronica realised that she had to come up with another plan in order to sustain herself.

Plotting her next money move #TheRiver1Magic

— 1Magic (@1MagicTV) September 7, 2018

And, what better way to do that than to pretend as if you’re disabled and being dropped off at Lindiwe’s house – by an ambulance?

Just when Lindiwe thought her troubles were over, she got the shock of her life. Don’t you just love it when unexpected guests arrive at your doorstep?

Oupa is back!

We bet a lot of people were excited after seeing Oupa making an appearance on the show once again. The last time we saw this man was when he almost lost his life after being shot by the police. Honestly, we didn’t think we’d ever see him again.

Anyway, Oupa made an epic comeback last week – him and another criminal named Percy planned the most epic ‘prison break’ scam.

Nayi le walk #TheRiver1Magic

— 1Magic (@1MagicTV) September 8, 2018

Now all we’re waiting to see is whether their plan will succeed or not. These criminals never rest. Will their plan work, or will they spend more years behind bars?

Surely you want to know what’s going to happen next! Well, make sure you watch all the latest episodes of The River on Showmax. New episodes of the show air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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