The River Season 5: Cobra’s low-down ways bring out the worst in his wives

By TVPlus26 July 2022

The River Season 5: Cobra’s low-down ways bring out the worst in his wives

There’s a reason that Thuso Mokoena (Presley Chweneyagae) goes by the name Cobra on the streets of Refilwe Township – he is as calculated, manipulative and deceitful as they come. 

Although he’s cleaned up his act since his career criminal days, the mine manager is still a lying, petty and low-down husband. And as Season 5 of telenovela The River unfolds, Cobra’s marital woes reveal his true colours: other than refusing to take accountability for his actions, he betrays his wives, Angelina (Nokuthula Mavuso) and Paulina (Tango Ncetezo). 

Read below to find out about Cobra’s antics that are about to push his wives to the edge. Let’s just say it’s vile and venomous…

Cobra’s wives go to war: May the best woman win!

So, how does Cobra find himself in this chaos? Well, he tied the knot with Paulina in 2019 but midway through their wedding ceremony, his baby mama Angelina caused a scene and announced that she had a toddler son with Cobra. 

It wasn’t Angelina’s proudest moment, but she thought that she was fighting for the man she loved. Meanwhile, Paulina was humiliated by Cobra’s scandal. Yet, like a true ride-or-die, she continued with the nuptials and forgave Cobra. However, buffeted between his scandals and baby mama drama, Paulina and Cobra eventually separated. 

Fast-forward to early 2022, and Cobra was about to celebrate his wedding with Angelina, but he got cold feet minutes before she walked down the aisle and he ran off to Paulina’s house, knocked on her door, declared his undying love for her, and they had a one-night stand. 

As if that isn’t complicated enough, it turns out that Cobra and Paulina didn’t file for divorce and he paid lobola for Angelina years after, which means that they’re both his wives. Now, the trio find themselves in an unintended polygamous marriage. There’s more: Paulina and Angelina recently moved into Cobra’s home after they both discovered that they’re pregnant – and wait for it … he is the father! 

Cobra has been trying to bring the two women together, but they completely despise each other, and they’re always competing for his attention – most times, at their own expense. 

Cobra’s polygamy problems 

With his wives constantly clashing, Cobra runs out of ideas about forging peace between them. Things escalate when Paulina gets carried away and poisons Angelina’s drink, leading to more drama. It doesn’t take long until Paulina’s guilt takes over and she confesses to her transgressions, but Angelina wants to hear none of it. 

Rather than seeking professional help and potentially getting to the root of their marital troubles, Cobra throws a tantrum and plays the blame game.

“I didn’t choose to be in a polygamous marriage. My ancestors put me in this position but the two of you would do anything to hurt me. I’m over this,” whinges Cobra before walking out on his wives. 

Cobra cheats

The last thing that Cobra wants to do is to confront Angelina and Paulina’s issues head-on and that’s because he doesn’t want to own up to his mistakes. As tension rises at home, he goes out for drinks with a colleague.

One thing leads to another, and Cobra and his co-worker spend the night together. If Cobra thinks that he’ll get away with his infidelity, he has another thing coming… 

Cobra is caught red-handed 

Nothing gets past Angelina, and she doesn’t buy Cobra’s story that he slept at the office. In a turn of events, Cobra’s wives band together to get to the bottom of his lies.

First, Angelina steals his phone and reads the messages that he’s been exchanging with his colleague. She finds out their meeting spot and she goes to find him.

“You know what, Paulina. It’s bad enough that I have to deal with you but now there’s a third woman. Over my dead body!”

Angelina and Paulina track down Cobra, only to find him in a hotel room with his colleague. Angelina and Paulina beat up Cobra and his mistress before he flees the scene and leaves his wives to deal with his sidepiece. 

As if the drama isn’t enough already, Cobra presses harassment charges against Paulina and Angelina, and they are arrested and spend the night in prison.  Now, that’s what you call a trifling, low-down husband. 

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