The River: Sorry, Walter, it’s a “no” from Malefu

19 November 2018

The River: Sorry, Walter, it’s a “no” from Malefu

Imagine having a crush on someone for years, and never getting a chance to tell them? That would really suck, especially if the person you really like goes and marries someone else. That’s what Walter had to endure for a long time and he only got a chance to come clean about his feelings recently, on The River.

Malefu turns down Walter’s marriage proposal

You see, for decades, Walter loved Malefu but couldn’t tell her because she was married to Thato Mokoena. However, since Thato passed away, the mother of three hasn’t found another man. Walter thought it would be a good idea to finally come clean about how he feels about Malefu, and even asked her to marry him. Brave move.

But things didn’t go as planned. At first, Malefu responded quite angrily to the news and questioned Walter’s intentions. After calming down, she and Walter had a healthy and honest conversation about his proposal, and she told him that she’s not ready for a relationship right now.

We’re sure that Cobra will be happy to know that his mother turned down the marriage proposal because he was against the whole thing.

Cobra shouldn’t celebrate just yet because we have a feeling that Malefu does like Walter, and who knows, maybe she’ll give him a chance some day. 

Tumi’s life made difficult

In-laws can be difficult at times, and Tumi knows all about this. The newlywed found out quite early in her marriage that being a makoti comes with challenges. Although the rest of Zolani’s family loves her, the new bride received a not-so-friendly welcome from Zweli’s mother, who was clearly determined to make the young woman’s life difficult. She was so mean and nasty to Tumi, even making negative comments about her cooking. She even took it as far as telling her to go back home to learn manners. Can you imagine how humiliating that must have been for the new Mrs Dlamini?

However, things worked out at the end and Zweli’s mother surprised everyone when she decided to have a change of heart. She even gave Tumi a compliment, telling her that she was going to make a good wife. We can’t help but wonder if being hard on Tumi was just a test to see how just how strong the young makoti is.

Goliath pulls another heist

Just when we had forgotten about Goliath, he comes back to cause trouble. The ex-convict shocked viewers when he stormed into Lindiwe’s diamond auction, and grabbed Tumi and the diamond.

This was totally unexpected, as this was supposed to be Lindiwe’s time to shine. What happened to your manners, Goliath? We hope he won’t harm Tumi in any way, the poor girl has been through a lot in the past few weeks. Some viewers suspect that Nomonde, who had to rush to Cape Town just before the auction, might have had something to do with Goliath’s sudden appearance. We know she doesn’t like Lindiwe, but we doubt that Nomonde would be that conniving. Working with criminals just to spite your enemy? Hmmm…

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