The River: Tumi gets arrested

18 February 2019

The River: Tumi gets arrested

We don’t know about you, but we’re certainly tired of seeing Lindiwe get away with everything on The River. She has lied and killed so many times but she’s still roaming the streets, and not serving time in prison. Most of us thought she’d at least get what she deserves after she unsuccessfully tried to kill Tumi. However, despite Tumi coming clean about what happened, Lindiwe is still getting her way.

After finally leaving the hospital, Lindiwe is at home doing better than ever, and just as evil. When Tumi went to her house to get answers about why she abandoned her as a child, Mrs Dikana wasn’t here for that and asked Tumi to change her story, offering her R1 million (because money solves everything). When Tumi refused, Lindiwe threatened to turn her life into a nightmare.

She asked for a family meeting where she confessed that Tumi is her daughter. However, she flipped the script, telling her husband and children that Tumi tried to kill her. They believed her, of course, and this led to Tumi’s arrest.

We won’t lie, it really gets tiring to watch someone getting away with things all the time. When will this woman pay for all the crime she has committed?

Malefu and Tumi ready to make peace

One thing that didn’t make us angry last week is the fact that Malefu and Tumi are at least open to the idea of working things out. This is all thanks to Cobra, who made sure that he speaks to both of them (individually). He told Tumi that Malefu was feeling bad about what happened and that she missed her, while he told Malefu that Tumi was also ready to talk and apologise for what happened.

None of what he told them is true, but we guess Cobra is willing to do anything to get his family on the same page again, even if it means lying. We don’t blame him because there’s nothing as frustrating as tension in the family.

They both agreed to meet, however, as you know, that won’t be happening any time soon because of Tumi’s sudden arrest.

We wonder how Tumi is going to get herself out of this one. It’s not like she can afford to get top lawyers to defend her case. It could be very difficult for her to defend herself because she’s fighting against one of the most ruthless people we’ve seen on TV. Also, it doesn’t help that Zweli, who’s a police commissioner, is married to Lindiwe and always believes her lies. Are we the only ones who’re sick and tired of Zweli? Ugh!

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