The River: Tumi vows to help Lindiwe

By Siyathemba Ben11 February 2020

The River: Tumi vows to help Lindiwe

Lindiwe Dlamini-Dikana is not coping with the loss of her dearest daughter. The businesswoman is struggling to make sense of life after Mbali’s funeral. Since Mbali was buried, Lindiwe hasn’t uttered a single word and this has made it hard for her family to get through to her.  

Everyone is worried about her and they’re running out of solutions. Zweli, Andile, Zolani and Flora have been trying hard to cheer her up and get her to speak to them, but nothing seems to be working. We thought that she’d at least say something after Zweli opened up about how heartbroken he’s been since Mbali’s death. But that didn’t change her mood at all.

Zweli turns to Tumi for help

The only person who’s had some sort of response from Lindiwe is Tumi. She went to see her mother and managed to at least get her to open her mouth and have food. And because of this, Zweli thought it would be a great idea for Tumi to live with them until Lindiwe goes back to her old self. The concerned husband reached out to Tumi and asked for assistance. He told her that Lindiwe’s condition seems to have worsened.

“You can help. Look, I even considered getting Lindiwe medical care from professionals. But I thought since you’re able to get through to your mother, and could help her, maybe we should try that before taking drastic steps,” Zweli pleaded. Tumi was reluctant at first and told her aunt about her meeting with Zweli and his request.

Tumi to the rescue

Although she was reluctant at first, Tumi eventually agreed to move to the mansion. However, Lindani wasn’t too pleased with Tumi’s decision. He reminded Tumi that she’s a Dlomo now. Lindani told his wife: “When Mbali died, we took care of you while you were losing your mind. You could barely sleep at night. I was worried about you. Where was Lindiwe? Where was Zweli?”

That speech wasn’t powerful enough to change Tumi’s mind. She went ahead with her decision to move in with the Dikanas. When she got to the mansion, Tumi assured Lindiwe that she’d be there for her during this difficult time. “I’m not saying it will be easy, but you’ll get through it. I know you will. You have to continue to live, Lindiwe.” We reckon that’s exactly what Lindiwe needed to hear.

Will Tumi’s presence speed up Lindiwe’s healing process? You can watch The River on Showmax to find out. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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