The River: Vero comes between Lindiwe and Zolani

1 October 2018

The River: Vero comes between Lindiwe and Zolani

No one ever warned us about how committed we would be to watching The River. It’s not just a TV show, really, it’s now become a part of our daily lives. And before you tell us to relax, we’ll give you a recap of what happened last week so that you know why this 1Magic telenovela, which is streaming on Showmax, has us feeling this way.

Will Cobra and his friends get away with crime?

Is it safe to say that Cobra and his friends are the kings of pulling off the perfect heist? We’ll give it to them! We understand getting away with it the first time, but two times in a row? Now that’s some other level of professionalism. Even we were not ready for the way in which they were able to execute their strategy and get away with the crime.

As you might recall, Goliath, who is really starting to annoy us, forced Cobra to do the heist and basically threatened to make his life a living hell if he choice not to do it. He was basically left with no choice but to go back to being a criminal, even after vowing to never go back.

We won’t lie, we’re quite disappointed because we feel like no matter how many chances Cobreezy gets to clean up his life, he never succeeds. We are, however, still rooting for this young man and hope that he will one day be man enough to say no to peer pressure and stay out of trouble. Is that such a difficult thing to ask for?

Is Zolani turning against Lindiwe?

We never thought we’d ever witness Zolani turning against his beloved aunt. Maybe their relationship was not as solid as we thought it was? It only took someone like Veronica, who is known for lying and scheming, to plant a seed of doubt in Zolani’s head and it worked like a charm. Okay, Vero didn’t lie about Lindiwe threatening to kill her. We all saw that one. However, because she’s now out in the cold and has no money to sustain herself, Vero came up with a story about being attacked.

When she relayed this to her son, he immediately assumed that Lindiwe was behind it. So now he wants nothing to do with his aunt and has concluded that she’s the most evil person in the world. “I’ve never met someone like you in my life,” he told Lindiwe. Did we mention all this happened in front of Lindiwe’s children? So, let us get this straight all the other evil things that Lindiwe has done, including killing people, were not enough for Zolani to see how cruel her aunt is? And now that she’s supposedly attacking his mother, he can see how bad she is? Oh, okay then.

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