The River: Will Andile testify against his own mother?

25 March 2019

The River: Will Andile testify against his own mother?

On The River last week, Angelina once again came between Cobra and his new wife. Paulina and Cobra have only been married for a week and they’re already seeing flames.

They had a beautiful wedding, surrounded by their loved ones who wished them all the happiness in the world. But it looks like they won’t be experiencing any of the joy that comes with marriage as long as Angelina is still in the picture.

First, Cobra’s baby mama emotionally blackmailed Cobra into not going on his honeymoon with his wife. She said something about him not spending enough time with their son and that was enough to make Cobrizi feel guilty and led to the postponement of this honeymoon. This left Paulina disappointed, of course, but she ended up forgiving him.

Then Angelina caused a lot of drama after accusing Paulina of hitting her in the stomach. She made it seem like the newlywed is jealous of the fact that she’s “carrying” Cobra’s second child and that she basically wants to get rid of the unborn baby. However, this was all a lie. But it’s clear that Cobra believes Angelina’s lies because he had a word with his wife and told her that she needs to apologise.

As expected, the new Mrs Mokoena wasn’t going to do that and she decided to pack her bags and leave her new home. This is obviously not how anyone wants the first few days of their marriage to go. It’s supposed to be nothing but happiness, right? We wonder how much longer Angelina will be able to manipulate Cobra. Also, if he doesn’t open his eyes, he will lose the love of his life forever.

Will Andile testify against Lindiwe?

Now this is a very tricky one. On Friday, Andile has found himself in a rather sticky situation after receiving a subpoena ordering him to testify against Lindiwe, who happens to be his mother, in court.

We can’t help but wonder how Andile will handle the situation if he does eventually appear in court. Will he sing like a bird, or will he protect the fragile relationship he has with Lindiwe? In case you’ve already forgotten, the mother and son have had a rocky relationship for a while and, just recently, Andile was adamant that his mother was a murderer. Has he really changed his mind about how he feels about her, or is he being nice because he still wants to reap the benefits of being the son of a mogul? We’ll all have to stay tuned to see.

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