The River: Will Vero end Lindiwe’s life?

17 September 2018

The River: Will Vero end Lindiwe’s life?

Here’s a thought that needs no debating: The River always keeps viewers on their toes. The last week has left people with more questions than answers. Oh, and there were a few shocking moments here and there. Let’s take a look at what went down on the 1Magic telenovela.

Nomonde and Veronica team up

It’s no secret that Veronica and Nomonde have a common enemy. Although they might not really know each other well (or even like each other that much) these two were forced to work together to try and bring Lindiwe down.

Their partnership started right after Nomonde discovered that Veronica had been lying about her illness the whole time. Nomonde made the shocking discovery when Veronica was snooping around Lindiwe’s looking for something she could use against her. Vero, who wasn’t aware that she was alone in the house, was found standing on her legs (no wheelchair, of course) and this came as a great surprise to Nomonde. However, as we expected, the two managed to strike a deal that would see them teaming up to destroy their least favourite person.

Is it over for Lindiwe?

While Vero was making plans with Nomonde, Lindiwe was plotting to kill her. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Mrs Dikana it’s that she always wants to eliminate whatever she feels is a threat to her. Her plan was to poison Vero and this time she was convinced that this would work.

Still under the impression that Vero is gravely ill and can’t do anything for herself, Lindiwe had the nerve to tell her that she was about to poison and kill her. This obviously got to Vero who grabbed a knife, stood up and threatened to end Lindiwe’s life.

Mrs Dikana definitely didn’t see this one coming, judging by the shock in her eyes. So now we can’t help but wonder if this is the end for the businesswoman. Will Vero really kill her? From what we’ve seen in the past, we have a feeling that Lindiwe will find a way to get herself out of this hectic situation…

Cobra, Percy and Oupa’s short-lived joy

Although Oupa and Percy have managed to get themselves out of prison, it looks like their freedom will come at a price. After pulling off a successful heist, with Cobra’s help, the ex-convicts were ready to live their best lives. They were quick to celebrate their new-found freedom and even went as far as buying booze for everyone at the shebeen because, well, life is good! But their victory was short-lived because Cobra received a call from Goliath, who escaped prison with Oupa and Percy. Goliath told Cobreezy that he knew about the heist and that he wanted his share of the money.

He vowed to hurt Malefu and Dimpho if he didn’t get his way. We bet no one saw that coming! Just when everyone was in a celebratory mood, life took a drastic turn. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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