The River: Zolani breaks down after Tumi and Lindani’s wedding

31 December 2019

The River: Zolani breaks down after Tumi and Lindani’s wedding

Have you ever seen a stranger falling apart and wished you could comfort them? This is how we felt after seeing Zolani breaking down on The River. We know he’s a TV character and he’s just acting, but the way he cried for Tumi made us wish we could give him a big hug.

His heartbreak started after he heard that his ex-wife, who also happens to be his cousin, got engaged to Lindani. He tried to act tough at first, but his emotions soon got the better of him.

He went on a drinking spree and also started sleeping around with different girls. He even went as far as crashing Tumi and Lindani’s engagement party and caused some drama. You could tell that he wasn’t ready to accept losing Tumi forever. Despite Zolani’s tantrums, the wedding went on in Refilwe. The Mokoenas and Dhlomos were excited about joining their families and they went out of their way to give Tumi and Lindani their perfect wedding.

Lindiwe even assisted with preparations for the wedding and was happy to be part of her daughter’s big day. Meanwhile, Lindani’s mother, Zodwa, didn’t even get to see her son’s wedding because everyone found out that she and Vero had stolen the lobola money. Thankfully, the cash was recovered! Everyone was happy and excited to see Tumi and Lindani finally getting their moment. They exchanged their vows and it was a beautiful sight to see.

Zolani proposes to Tumi

However, the moment was quickly ruined after Zolani stormed in. He was very drunk, and it was obvious that he was about to embarrass himself. He professed his undying love for Tumi and begged her to take him back. Oh, he also asked her to marry him.

She refused and he was asked to leave. Zolani went back home. Lindiwe found him there and they had a heart-to-heart. He broke down and told her about how he really feels about Tumi. Although he’s always happy and making jokes, Zolani explained that he’s dying inside. Imagine people not understanding your pain and thinking you’re disgusting because you’re in love with your cousin. What a sad situation. Zolani cried so much that we wished we could console him. Fortunately, his aunt was there and reassured him that everything would be fine.

If you’ve ever experienced heartbreak, you’ll know exactly what Zolani is going through. Now we can’t help but wonder if he’ll ever get over Tumi. Watch The River on Showmax to keep up the latest drama. New episodes air 15 minutes after the DStv broadcast.

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