The River: Zolani proposes to a woman he met a second ago

14 April 2020

The River: Zolani proposes to a woman he met a second ago

We haven’t seen Zolani this happy in a very long time. In the last couple of years, only a few things have brought him genuine joy, including his relationship with Tumi. When that ended, things spiralled out of control and he probably gave up on love. Things became worse when Tumi got married to Lindani. It really became clear to Zolani that he had lost her forever. However, it looks like he is finally getting his happy ending. The question is, though, is it too good to be true?

Zolani proposes

It was definitely love at first sight when Zolani spotted Emma for the first time at the bar. He introduced himself and told her that he’s the co-owner of Khanyisa Diamonds, which didn’t really impress her much at first. A few moments later, they started chatting and getting to know each other better.

After spending one night with her, Zolani asked Emma to marry him. Just to show his seriousness, he introduced her to his family during breakfast. Zweli, who was clearly confused about Zolani’s decision to get married so quickly, warned him about the danger of rushing into marriage.

Zweli told him: “You can’t just jump into things.” Zolani didn’t want to hear any of it and he told his uncle: “I can tell you for a fact that Emma and I got to know each other very well last night… Bra Zweli, I know you’re shocked because my girl is hot, and we’re engaged. But you have to accept it. Bra Zweli, everything I’ve done in my life has brought me to this moment.”

Is Zolani Emma’s meal ticket? 

This proves just how much Zolani feels for Emma and that he doesn’t really care about what people think about their relationship. But how much does he really know about his fiancé? It turns out, she’s not a real doctor and she’s also not with him for the right reasons.

After her engagement, Emma went to see her cousin Beauty in Refilwe to share the good news with her.

“After my last relationship, I needed someone who’d love me, sustain my lifestyle, and give me everything. And he threw himself at me after one night of sex,” she told Beauty.

Well, we have a feeling that this will not end well. How long will Emma be able to fool Zolani? Watch The River on Showmax every day, express from 1Magic.

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