The Spud Trilogy

3 June 2020

The Spud Trilogy

Author Johan van de Ruit scored big time when he got John Cleese (Fawlty Towers) to sign on for the adaptation of his novels in the role of the English teacher known as the Guv. But it’s actually Spud himself who’s the main attraction – actor Troye Sivan (who was born in SA but emigrated to Aus as a tot) takes on the title role of John “Spud” Milton and makes it his own. (Also watch Troye all grown up in the lead role in Boy Erased, alongside Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe.)

The movies follow Spud’s high school career, going from awkward newcomer at the boarding school in the early 90s, almost through to his matric year. It’s your usual teen youth dramedy but there are lessons for adults too. It’s scripted well, filmed brilliantly and will entertain young and old. The novels are set against the backdrop of a rapidly changing South Africa.

“Spud is about love, friendship and complete insanity,” writes Cheryl Goodenough at “The movie is refreshing and has appeal. It is the story of a boy who could be in a British or Australian boarding school. It’s a mad and humorous world, but a world that you could believe in.”

Spud, Spud 2: The Madness Continues and Spud 3: Learning to Fly are all available to stream now.

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