The trailer for Westworld S3 is out and it’s INTENSE
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24 February 2020

The trailer for Westworld S3 is out and it’s INTENSE

Dolores, you crazy synthetic intelligence, where have you been? Twitter exploded when HBO shared the full-length trailer for Season 3 of Westworld, with fans getting their first look at the new mystery character played by Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul.

Part of the codex of Westworld has been the music, starting with Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden auto-played on the piano in the old-town saloon. This trailer features an orchestral rendition of Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses as the guns blaze.

In its first two seasons, Westworld has made its audience work hard to follow the plot twists within plot twists, and if you’ve found the going tough at times, Season 3 is the chance to get reacquainted as the action moves beyond the boundaries of the park and into the human world.

Speaking of plot twists, it looks like Maeve (Thandie Newton) has been enlisted – Terminator-vibes, anyone? – to take out Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) before the park’s first sentient wrecks havoc in the outside world. Samurai-Maeve has been recruited by another new character played by Vincent Cassel, who let’s face it, is the most delightfully sinister French bad guy ever to grace our screens, or streams, in this case.

Let’s not forget sweet, bespectacled Bernard (Jeffrey Wright), who is also back from the beyond after delivering one of the biggest shocks of Season 2, as well as old blue eyes, the Man in Black played by Ed Harris, who seems to be on yet another crusade in the trailer.

We’re also still not sure which AI was occupying Charlotte Hayle’s body (played by Tessa Thompson) at the end of last season, but damn if we’re not 100% here for what looks like an all-out robot vs human war in a futuristic city, Blade Runner style.

Season 3 of Westworld comes to Showmax express from the US on 16 March.

That gives you time to watch (or re-watch, because there is A LOT to analyse and decode) the first two seasons. Start your binge-watch here.

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