The Wife Season 3 episodes 43-45 recap: Naledi is pregnant

By Xabiso Ngqabe3 March 2023

The Wife Season 3 episodes 43-45 recap: Naledi is pregnant

The Wife returns after a short break and it’s immediately loaded with drama, betrayal and the kind of shocking moments we missed while it was on its broadcast break. The Wife Season 3 episodes 43-45 answer some of our burning questions. Will Qhaledi reunite and live happily ever after, despite all the challenges they’ve had, including Naledi being married? What will Xoli do next? If you’ve also had these questions, then this week’s episodes are a must-see.

We have Hlomu being replaced by Xoli in the Zulu family business, Qhawe’s shocking revelation about Naledi, and Mqhele succumbing to temptation to look forward to.

Meanwhile, Xoli gets one step closer to avenging the Majola family. The last time we saw Xoli and MaKhumalo, they had managed to drug Hlomu and the seductive Xoli was left with Mqhele. This week, the girl is still on a mission. Will her plan succeed or backfire? Let’s recap the episodes.

Tshedi and Qhawe find common ground

Tshedi shows up at the Zulu mansion to confront Qhawe for killing Sello. The first time she was here, Qhawe ended up losing the love of his life to Sefako. Remember episode 28? Tshedi stormed the Zulu house after finding out that Qhawe killed her husband and Naledi broke up with Qhawe as a result. Still dealing with grief, Tshedi blames Qhawe for the death of her husband.

The two get into a heated argument about the death of Sello, but Qhawe calms her down and assures her that he only did so in self-defence and that he even has footage to prove it. After looking at the footage, Tshedi comes clean about planting the cameras and leaking Qhawe and her sister’s sex tape.

Xoli and Mqhele’s explosive sex

MaKhumalo goes out for a day with Sambulo with no one left in the house except Mqhele and Hlomu, but Hlomu is asleep because Xoli drugged her. This gives Xoli the perfect chance to execute her plan. 

Mqhele walks in on Xoli preparing dinner. She asks Mqhele to come taste the food she’s cooking and from there they get a little close to each other and start kissing. Someone walks in while they are at it but the person immediately leaves and they decide to take it to the garage, which is more private. Finally, Xoli puts her plan into action as she sleeps with Mqhele, who is now even more infatuated with his brother’s wife. 

The next day, Mqhele calls a meeting with the family where he forces Hlomu to step down from her work duties and replaces her with Xoli. The whole family supports the decision, but little do they know that they are making the worst decision of their lives.

Naledi is pregnant 

Naledi is finding it hard to be without Qhawe and what is worse, he is ignoring her calls. The Tswana doctor goes to the taxi rank and the two star-crossed ex-lovers argue about how their relationship ended. Qhawe tells Naledi that she is pregnant and while she denies this, Qhawe tells her that he knows her body. 

When Naledi gets home, she starts to feel nauseous and realises Qhawe might be right. She takes a test that confirms that she is indeed pregnant. She then later admits that it’s Qhawe’s child as she is about six months pregnant.

Xoli completes the task

Back at the office, Mqhele can’t keep his hands off Xoli after their intimate encounter. He continues to pursue her but she uses this opportunity to ask Mqhele to give her his internet banking password. When she accesses it, she cannot believe the balance in the Zulu family’s bank account.

Watch the trailer of The Wife Season 3 Episodes 43-45

The drama on The Wife Season 3 episodes 43-45 is coming in sizzling after a broadcast break. One thing about the women married into the Zulu family, they have a track record of making bad decisions. Xoli and Mqhele finally get it on and Mqhele shares his banking password with her. Will this be the final step in Xoli and MaKhumalo’s attempt at avenging their family?

The viewers’ favourite couple reunite and Qhawe picks up that Naledi is pregnant – and for all we know, it could be a Zulu child. One thing’s for sure, Naledi’s marriage will be shaken by this revelation and Qhawe will not allow another child of his to be fathered by someone else. The question is, what will Chief Kgosi say when he finds out that his daughter is pregnant with a Zulu?

As the season draws closer to the end, things get hot and spicy. Binge-watch all three seasons of The Wife on Showmax. Plus, watch The Wife: Behind The Veil, an 8-part special that takes you behind the scenes on the hit telenovela. 

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