The Wife Season 3 episodes 55-57 recap: The truth about the Zulu brothers revealed

By Xabiso Ngqabe30 March 2023

The Wife Season 3 episodes 55-57 recap: The truth about the Zulu brothers revealed

The Wife Season 3 episodes 55-57 take us on a roller-coaster ride with numerous twists and turns, including the biggest shock – Hlomu threatening to expose the Zulus’ dirty laundry to the world. Meanwhile, in the  North West, the royal family is at odds as the princesses find the courage to dethrone their father, Kgosi, from chieftaincy.

The penultimate week of Mzansi’s most loved telenovela picks up right where it left off, with Hlomu struggling with the guilt of killing Xoli. The Zulu matriarch is having a nightmare where she sees her blankets drenched in blood, unaware that this is all this in her head, while Xoli’s spirit tempers with her peace. She is even taking her anger out on Mthaniya, realising the gravity of her actions and how it’s affecting her. 

Hlomu looking at Mqhele in guilt on The Wife S3

This week’s episodes are packed with betrayal and snitching. Let’s take a look at what happened on The Wife, now streaming on Showmax.

The daughters against their father

Back in the North West, Naledi and Tshedi are more determined to take down their father. They try to call the council members but none of them are answering their phones. What they are not aware of is that some of the members were put in the dungeon and killed by the chief. Just as they are about to give up, they find out that the community is also willing to support their quest as they are all tired of Kgosi.

The Montsho family at the dinner table in The Wife S3

Speaking of Kgosi, after finding out what his daughters are trying to bring him down, he consults the community prophet to ask for answers, who then prophesy that his death is near. The episode ends with Kgosi killing the prophet.

Hlomu makes a bold move against her own family

Hlomu is tired of living a life full of lies. She calls Detective Baloyi to give him all the evidence about the Zulu family’s secrets in a recorded confession detailing everything about this crime family. In her confession, she mentions all the Zulu brothers except Qhawe. She narrates the story from the moment she came across Qhawe, to meeting Mqhele who ended up being her husband. Hlomu also discusses the heists, the abuse she endured at the hands of Mqhele to the number of people the Zulus have killed, including Sandile.

Hlomu confessing against the Zulu brothers in The Wife S3

“I found out that the CIT heist story I was working on as an investigative journalist…the people we had been searching for were the Zulus. So that day I had to make a decision, do I carry on with the wedding and keep the Zulu family secrets or carry on doing my job? I chose to keep the Zulu family secrets,” she says.

Mqhele finding out the cops are after him and his brothers in The Wife S3

She then hands the USB containing her confession to Detective Baloyi, saying she’s only doing this for her daughter. Moments later, Mqhele’s inside man tells him that there is a snitch who has come forward with damning evidence against the Zulu brothers. He wastes no time in advising Qhawe that they must flee, as Detective Baloyi knows everything about their dirty dealings.

The community wants Kgosi dead

The Montsho daughters held a meeting with the community and managed to congregate them in their quest to bring down their father. An angry mob marches to the chief’s house chanting, “the chief must be killed”. 

The community wants to kill chief Kgosi in The Wife S3

Will the people of Royal Thabeng take matters in their own hands and kill the the most ruthless chief for all the crimes he’s committed while in chieftaincy?

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This week is all about back-stabbing, snitching and betrayal on The Wife’s penultimate episodes, enough to leave us reeling in shock. Hlomu makes a bold move when she approaches Detective Baloyi with the Zulu brothers’ dirty laundry. Meanwhile, the chief’s days are numbered as the whole community wants him six feet under.

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